Round-up and fixtures: Small fish show for Ashcroft

Angling round-up with Stan and Fizz


In difficult conditions, mainly small fish with occasional tench and perch were caught as Paul Ashcroft of St Ives took first place with 11lb 3oz.

Stan Binge took second and Dave Rowell was third.

RESULT: 1. Paul Ashcroft St Ives 11lb 3oz, 2. Stan Binge Fox Match Stanjay 8lb 13oz, 3. Dave Rowell Wades/Peterborough 8lb, 4. Tony McGregor St Ives 7lb 11 � oz.


THE annual match was fished on the South Holland Drain on Saturday with 12 teams of four in the intermediate event and six in the junior section.

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The intermediate match saw local interest and success. Abbi Kendall, step-daughter of Hotrods Rob Lincoln won the whole match. after drawing peg A1. Abbi’s catch included two bream on a day when fishing was very hard.

Fox Match Stanjay’s James Drakulic, fishing for Milton Keynes, stuggled after a bad draw but caught a late 4lb bream which won the section and took his team into top spot.

Result (Individual): 1. Abbi Kendall Suffolk County Red 5.49 kilos, 2. Harry Blackmoor Kings Lynn 3.23 kilos, 3. Tom Addison Milton Keynes 2.79kilos, 6. James Drakulic Milton Keynes 2.36 kilos


BRIAN Gibson caught carp and bream to win Saturday’s match on Cromwell Lake with Paul Hendy in second spot and Stan Binge in third.

RESULT: 1. Brian Gibson Fox Match Stanjay 39lb 10oz, 2. Paul Hendy Fox Match Stanjay 34lb 15oz, 3. Stan Binge Fox Match Stanjay 9lb 13oz, 4. Keith Ellington Cromwell Lake 9lb 2oz.


THE past two weekends have seen a variety of matches contested at Ramsey.

Saturday August 28 – Adult/Junior Pairs (Individual): 1. Ivan Steels 9lb 2oz, 2. George Coles 8lb 11 � oz, 3. Harry Young 8lb 5oz.

Pairs Winners : Ivan and Aiden Steels 10lb 10oz

Monday August 30 – Open Match 40 Foot: 1. George Coles 12lb 7oz, 2. Ray Myring 7lb 12oz, 3. Vern Edgley 6lb 14 � oz, 4. Lewis Martin 6lb 9oz.

Saturday September 4 – H Shaw Teams of Three – Forty Foot

RESULT: 1. Andrew Kilby 13lb 15oz, 2. Vern Edgley 10lb 15oz, 3. Paul Kilby 9lb 6oz

Teams: 1. Andrew Kilby, Paul Kilby, George Coles, 2. Keith Rayment, Ray Steels, Ivan Steels.


THE waggler-only match fished on Copalder was very close with Jon Seekins the winner.

RESULT: 1. Jon Seekins 5lb 5 � oz, 2. Tony Ingram 5lb 3oz, 3. Kevin Gaunt 5lb 2oz.


LAST Saturday’s match was fished at Pocket Park and was won by Keith West with 12lb.

RESULT: 1. Keith West 12lb, 2. Chris Young 6lb, 3. Jean-Paul Thomas 3lb 8oz.


STEVE Webb took a good lead in the first round of the King of the Pond Final.

RESULT: 1. Steve Webb 10lb 3oz, 2. Ken Hannan 6lb 15oz, 3. Stuart Gilbert 5lb


LAST week’s Golden Rod match was won by Peter Henegan from Biggleswade with 53lb 4oz from peg 17.

RESULT: 1. Peter Henegan Biggleswade 53lb 4oz, 2. Chris Young St Neots 49lb 12oz, 3. Mick Sonnett Godmanchester 47lb 8oz


Bob Nudd children’s match : 1. Oliver Fisher 5lb 5oz, 2. Jack Tunbridge 4lb 7oz, 3. William Easey 4lb 3oz.

Help for Heroes match: 1. Steve Last 34lb, 2. Vinnie Easey 24lb 7oz, 3. Willy Williams 22lb 1oz.

Autumn Shield: 1. Steve Last 16lb 15oz, 2. Shaun Fulcher 16lb 7oz, 3. Geoff Lofty 12lb 1oz.


THE two-day final was a close contest with three anglers tied on two points and three tied on three points. A percentage weight had to be used to decide the positions.

RESULT: 1. Steve Jackson Headfen, 2. Richard Bond Bury St Edmunds, 3. Lee Thornton Bag’em Baits, 4. Tim Dabrowa Fox Match Stanjay.


RESULTS: Wednesday: 1. Dave Pearce Jnr Wisbech 104lb 11oz, 2. Mick Bartrum DAD 77lb 11oz, 3. Simon Easey Fox Match Stanjay 66lb 14oz, 4. Paul Goldstraw Fox Match Stanjay 59lb 14oz.

Saturday: 1. John Shepherd Colchester 67lb 2oz, 2. Martin Woods Emneth 55lb 2oz, 3. Dave Shailes Kevs Tackle 44lb 9oz.

Sunday: 1. Mark Pollard Fox Match Stanjay Dynamite 104lb 6oz, 2. Simon Wheeler Daiwa Dynamite 75b 10oz, 3. Steve Norman Kev’s Tackle 63lb 11oz.


Today (Wednesday)

Cross Drove Fishery – Qualifier – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10am-4pm.


Cromwell Lake – Saturday Open Sweepstake – Draw 12 noon – Fish 1-6pm.


HAJAC Teams of Four – Dolphin Meadow – St Ives – Booking & details from Stanjay Sports on 01480 453303 or Roy Whincup on 01487 822333.

Ramsey AS – First Coakley Memorial – Exhibition Bridge

Graham’s Pond – King of the Pond – Round Two – Draw 8.30 – Fish 9.15am

St Neots AS – Wayne Young Memorial – Willington Beds – Draw 8.30am – Fish 10am-3pm – Meet at Coneygear 7.45am.

Benwick AC – Chapel Farm – Village End.

Manderson Trust – Chairman’s Match (silver fish only).

Cross Drove Fishery – Qualifier – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10am-4pm.

Head Fen – Qualifier One for 2011 Masters Final – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10am-4pm.


Lawn Farm – Golden Rod Match – Honeysuckle Lake – Draw 9am – Details 01954 718269.

Wednesday, September 15

Cross Drove Fishery – Qualifier – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10am-4pm.