Roslyn paces catch just right

Angling with Stan and Fizz


THERE was a close finish in last Wednesday evening’s match with Jason Roslyn, from peg 24 finishing, just ahead of Josh Pace.

Jason caught 21lb 10oz to win by just 4oz. Tony Watling was third and Geordie Best fourth.

RESULT: 1. Jason Roslyn Cromwell Lake 21lb 10oz; 2. Josh Pace Mark One 21lb 6oz; 3. Tony Watling Fox Match Stanjay 13lb 12oz; 4. Geordie Best Cromwell Lake 13lb 6oz.

Saturday Series

With water levels low, the fish are not feeding confidently although several anglers lost fish which would have improved their places.

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Stan Binge, last to weigh in, was the winner from peg 30 with 25lb although Brian Gibson, in second place, added another good result to his record and may prove difficult to beat in the series.

There have now been 12 matches and anglers who have attended all of them will now be trying to improve their scores in the four remaining weeks before the 15-man final on July 9.

RESULT: 1. Stan Binge Fox Match Stanjay 25lb; 2. Brian Gibson Fox Match Stanjay 20lb 6oz; 3. Matt Roberts Fox Match Stanjay 16lb 6oz; 4. Steve Welford Browning Hotrods 15lb 8oz.

Series Positions (Four matches still to play): 1. Stan Binge 199; 2. Matt Roberts 170; 3. Brian Gibson 165; 4. Paul Hendy 140; 5. Graeme Worker 123; 6. Ian Benton 94; 7. Steve Ashwell 93; 8. Ricky Ashwell 83; 9. Steve Welford 81; 10 Derek Millward 79; 11. Keith Ellington 72; 12. Ray Myring 49; 13. Gary Goodyear 48; 14. Vinny Easey 43; 15. Sean Fulcher 38; 16. John Younger 31; 17. Wayne Easey 30.


IT is just over a year since the sad and sudden death of Martin Howard, a talented and popular local angler.

One of his Wades team-mates Lee Kendall decided to organise a memorial match at one of Martin’s favourite venues, Decoy Lakes.

The seventy pegs available were sold out well in advance with many people keen to participate.

The match was won by Barry Mason with 157lb 14oz from Yew Lake.

Hotrods Neil Adcock was second and Mark One’s Simon Godfrey third. The trophy and prize money were presented after the match by Martin’s dad, Danny Howard.

RESULT: 1. Barry Mason 157lb 14oz; 2. Neil Adcock 28lb 12oz; 3. Simon Godfrey 117lb 6oz; 4. Sean Higginbottom 103lb 2oz; 5. Lee Kendall 98lb 12oz; 6. Steve Winter 96lb.


SUNDAY’S club match was fished on Magpie Lake at Pidley and saw a win for Jon Hazelden from Liam Darler and Andrew Rayment.

RESULT: 1. Jon Hazelden 104lb 4oz; 2. Liam Darler 84lb 12oz; 3. Andrew Rayment 62lb 6oz.


LAST Thursday’s Open Match was won by Nick Ohlemann with Ken Hannan and Keith Ellington second and third.

RESULT: 1. Nick Ohlemann 15lb 6oz; 2. Ken Hannan 13lb 3oz; 3. Keith Ellington 9lb 9oz.

Sunday’s Plumb-It Challenge semi-final was won by the Spitfires.

RESULT: Spitfires 16lb 14oz – Kings Arms B 11lb 12oz.


LAST week’s OAP match was won by John Pratt with 76lb with Roger Abbott in second spot and Mick Sonnett third.

RESULT: 1. John Pratt 76lb; 2. Roger Abbott 72lb; 3. Mick Sonnett 61lb.


INCREDIBLY only 13oz covered the top three anglers last Wednesday.

RESULT: 1. Jim Barrowman Fox Lewis Anglers World 78lb 14oz; 2. Dave Pearce Jnr Wisbech 78lb 7oz; 3. Simon Easey Fox Match Stanjay 78lb 1oz.

Saturday June 4: 1. Mick Bartrum D. A. D. 74lb 2oz; 2. Neil Parkinson Dynamite Middy 63lb 10oz; 3. Martin Woods Emneth 62lb 12oz.

Sunday June 5: 1. Gary Kiddell Sensas 59lb 9oz; 2. Adam Randell Baittech 55lb 13oz; 3. Daniel Bryden Lathams 55lb 10oz.


SATURDAY’S qualifier on Snake Lake saw a win for Carl Gifford.

RESULT: 1. Carl Gifford Suffolks Finest 135lb; 2. Tim Nash Browning Hotrods 122lb 6oz; 3. Keith Ellington Fox Match Stanjay 114lb 12oz.

The home team from Headfen take part in the Supercup semi-finals at Maver Larford on Saturday.

River Season

With the traditional river season starting on June 16 membership cards will be available in the shop.

Offord, Buckden, Godmanchester, Brampton and St Ives cards will shortly all be available.



Cromwell Lake – Wednesday Evening Series – Match 4 – Draw 5.30pm – Fish 6-9.

Rookery Farm – OAP Open Match – Jay Lake – Draw 8:45am – Fish 10-4.

Cross Drove – Qualifier – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10-4.


Grahams Pond – Open Match – Draw 8.30am – Fish 9.30-3.30 – Phone 01480 351034.

Lawn Farm – Evening Open – Honeysuckle Lake – Draw 5.15 – Fish 6 – 9 - Details 01954 718269 or 07774943050.


Cromwell Lake – Saturday Series – Match Thirteen – Draw 12 noon – Fish 1-6.

Cross Drove – Cross Drove – Qualifier – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10-4.

Headfen Fishery – Qualifier 29 – Trevs Lake – Draw 8.45 – Fish 10-4.


Grahams Pond – Plumb-It Challenge – Semi-final 2 - Kings Arms A v Fishy Fun.

Cross Drove – Qualifier – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10-4.

Ramsey A. S. – Club Match Rookery Farm – Jay Lake - Phone Keith Rayment 01487 814077.


Lawn Farm – Golden Rod – Honeysuckle Lake – Draw 9am – Fish 10-3 - 01954 718269.


Cromwell Lake – Wednesday Evening Series – Match 5 – Draw 5:30pm – Fish 6-9.

Rookery Farm – OAP Open Match – Jay Lake – Draw 8:45am – Fish 10-4.


Grahams Pond – Open Match – Draw 8.30am – Fish 9.30-3.30 - Phone 01480 351034 or 07879000544.

Lawn Farm – Evening Open – Honeysuckle Lake – Draw 5.15 – Fish 6 – 9 - Details 01954 718269 or 07774943050.