Ricky lands the winner again

Cromwell Lake INCREDIBLY, we are already up to round nine in this year s Saturday Series. There were again some good and close weights, although Ricky Ashwell was well ahead of the field with 32lb 12oz, which included a carp of just over 15lb plus four te

Cromwell Lake

INCREDIBLY, we are already up to round nine in this year's Saturday Series.

There were again some good and close weights, although Ricky Ashwell was well ahead of the field with 32lb 12oz, which included a carp of just over 15lb plus four tench and a smaller carp. Ricky can do no wrong on Saturdays but so far has not been successful in the Wednesday night matches.

Stan just beat Ray Best in a close contest for second and third, with Graham Gooddraw close behind.

RESULT: 1. Ricky Ashwell, St Neots, 32lb 12oz, 2. Stan Binge, VDE Stanjay MG, 20lb 8oz, 3. Ray Best, Ringers Baits, 20lb 2oz, 4. Graham Goodwin, 18lb 14oz, 5. Dave Silsby, Brampton, 15lb 1oz, 6. Stuart Webb, St Neots, 12lb 14oz, 7. Terry Allgood, 12lb 10 1/2 oz.

With the top 17 anglers in the series qualifying for the final, where there is £500 for the winner out of a total prize fund of £ 1,000, competition is keen.

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The points so far are: 1. Ricky Ashwell, 138, 2. Stan Binge, 126, 3 = Graham Gooddraw and Steve Ashwell, 102, 5. John Pratt, 96, 6. Elliott Turner, 81, 7. Steve Welford, 78, 8. Denis Page, 76, 9. Eric Turner, 75, 10. Ian Benton, 73, 11. Keith Westerby, 69, 12. Trevor Lovell, 58, 13 = Dave Silsby and Terry Allgood, 53, 15. Ray Best, 49, 16. Stuart Webb, 45, 17. Charlie Pratt, 44, 18. Steve Gordon, 35, 19. Paul Goldstraw, 34, 20. Denis Notley, 27, 21. Keith Ellington, 25.

Wednesday Evening Series

GRAHAM Goodwin is leading the series after three matches, with a second consecutive match win last Wednesday.

This week, drawn in peg 19, he caught 37lb 4oz to finish ahead of Steve Ashwell, who weighed in 21lb 10oz from peg 3.

Paul Irons was third and Dennis Page fourth.

RESULT: 1. Graham Gooddraw, Brampton, 37lb 4oz, 2. Steve Ashwell, St Neots, 21lb 10oz, 3. Paul Irons, Brampton, 19lb 1oz, 4. Dennis Page, St Neots, 18lb, 5. Keith Ellington, 14lb 10oz, 6. Charlie Pratt, St Neots, 9lb 6oz.

St Neots AC

SATURDAY'S match at Pocket Park was won by Neil Thompson with 10lb 4oz, from Mark Dickerson and Mark Rayner.

RESULT: 1. Neil Thompson, 10lb 4oz, 2. Mark Dickerson, 5lb 7oz, 3. Mark Rayner, 4lb 8oz.

Grahams Pond

JOHN Hurley was the winner of Saturday's match, with 26lb 10oz.

Bob Stobart was second and Mick Fuller, fishing for the first time this year, was third. Mick included a 6lb tench in his weight.

RESULT: 1. John Hurley, 26lb 10oz, 2. Bob Stobart, 10lb, 3. Mick Fuller, 7lb 8oz.

SUNDAY'S second match in the Plumb-It Challenge was won by Spitfires A, who proved far too strong for their C team.

The match was won by John Swaim fishing for the A team with over 10lb.

RESULT: Spitfires A, 18lb 6oz, Spitfires C, 6lb 8oz.

Lawn Farm

ANDY Pollard from Luton won last week's "golden rod" match with 34lb 13oz.

RESULT: 1. Andy Pollard, Luton, 34lb 13oz, 2. Dennis Holliday, Biggleswade, 28lb 13oz, 3. Jim Rich-ardson, St Neots, 15lb 4oz.

Rookery Farm

THE weights in Wednesday's RAF match were excellent, with Dusty Kiddle finishing ahead of Graham Welton and Bazz Bright.

The same three anglers took the top places in Saturday's Open match, this time in a much closer finish with Dusty again the winner. Bazz Bright was second and Graham Welton third.

Tom Tyler from Somersham, who is only 14, finished fourth on Saturday - a most impressive result in this company.

RESULT: Wednesday: 1. Dusty Kiddle, 56lb 12oz, 2. Graham Welton, 44lb 14oz, 3. Bazz Bright, 42lb 8oz, 4. T. Sutton, 39lb 12oz,

Saturday: 1. Dusty Kiddle, 78lb 2oz, 2. Bazz Bright, 74lb 5oz, 3. Graham Welton, 74lb 2oz, 4. Tom Tyler, 66lb 4oz.

Victaulic AC

THERE have been two recent matches at Decoy.

Will Park was the winner on Lous Lake with 59lb, and C Bell on Six Islands with 44lb.

Woolpack Fisheries

MEMBER Michael Irons caught two good bream in an overnight session on Lake Three at the weekend.

They weighed in at 9lb 2oz and 8lb 6oz.


Wednesday 17 May

Cromwell Lake Wednesday Series Match 4 - Draw 5.30pm, Fish 6pm - dusk.

Rookery Farm - OAP Match - Draw 9.30, Fish 10.30am - 3.30pm (Book on 01354 660566).

Saturday 20 May

Cromwell Lake Series - Draw 12 noon, Fish 1-6pm (two keepnets needed).

Grahams Pond Open Match, Draw 8.30 am - Fish 9am - 2pm (01480 351034).

Sunday 21 May

Grahams Pond Plumb-It Match 3 - Spitfires B v Wagon & Horses B,

Draw 8.30 am, Fish 9am - 2pm.

Tuesday 23 May

Lawn Farm Golden Rod Open Match - Draw 9am, Fish 10am - 3pm.

Grahams Pond Evening Match - Winner Takes All - Draw 5.15pm, Fish 6- 9pm.

Wednesday 24 May

Cromwell Lake Wednesday Evening Series Match 5 - Draw 5.30pm, Fish 6pm - dusk.

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