CYCLING: Purser climbs to success in St Ives event

Riders who took part in the St Ives Cycling Club hill climb.

Riders who took part in the St Ives Cycling Club hill climb. - Credit: Archant

Sean Purser enjoyed success when beating a record turnout to triumph in the annual St Ives Cycling Club hill climb.

Purser completed the sharp ascent of Belton’s Hill, near Spaldwick, in a time of three minutes and five seconds.

He was four seconds quicker than runner-up Charlie Bratt with Jack Burgin a further two seconds back in third.

Tim Phillips was fourth in 3.15 and also the first veteran to finish, while the leading junior was Max Falkner in 3.20.

Holly Hoy was the fastest female rider in 3.34 with Cecilia Hime the quickest female junior in 3.46.

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Full results: 1 Sean Purser 3.05, 2 Charlie Bratt 3.09, 3 Jack Burgin 3.11, 4 Tim Phillips 3.15, 5 Adrian Beer 3.16, 6 Max Falkner 3.20, 7 Ollie Maynard 3.23, 8= Cameron Walker 3.24, 8= Leo Falkner 3.24, 10= Angus Lawrence 3.26, 10= Andrew Knowles 3.26, 12 Stephen Mavin 3.28, 13 Nick Hall 3.29, joint 14 Holly Hoy 3.34 and Nathan Gibson 3.34, joint 16 Daniel Rigby 3.35 and 16 Mike Hoy 3.35, 18 Phil Oxborough 3.41, 19 Ralph Keeler 3.44, 20 Martin Hall 3.45, 21 Cecilia Hime 3.46, 22 Steve Bannell 3.49, 23 Steve Purser 3.59, 24 Julia Wardley-Kershaw 4.04, 25 Ralf Falkner 4.11, 26 Slavik Ivantsiv 4.15, 27= Dominic Pauley 4.21, 27= Nick Conway 4.21, 29 Carolyn Penney 4.31, 30 Catherine Hall 4.58

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