Ray’s £500 catch is simply the Best

While England s World Cup campaign was coming to a dramatic and disappointing conclusion, the final match of the £1,500 series was being fished on Cromwell Lake with success for many of the anglers. Those present had qualified over 15 weeks of matches wi

While England's World Cup campaign was coming to a dramatic and disappointing conclusion, the final match of the £1,500 series was being fished on Cromwell Lake with success for many of the anglers.

Those present had qualified over 15 weeks of matches with excellent support and an average attendance of 19 anglers.

There were prizes for the top six anglers from £500 to £100 plus three section prizes of £50.

Although the weather was very hot, and on previous occasions when the conditions had been similar fishing had been hard, there were several good weights.

Peg 26, historically one of the most consistent, has not been good this year but Ray Best managed to find fish weighing 32lb 14oz to win the match and the £500 first prize. The next two places were predictable as lake specialists Ricky and Steve Ashwell weighed 29lb 14oz and 29lb 2oz respectively with Ian Benton fourth.

Stan had chances losing three big fish but finished out of the prizes but Terry Allgood collected a default section from peg three. The prizes were presented afterwards by co-owner Dennis Notley.

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RESULT: 1. Ray Best - Yorkshire Baits 32lb 14oz, 2. Ricky Ashwell St Neots - 29lb 14oz, 3. Steve Ashwell - St Neots 29lb 2oz, 4. Ian Benton - VDE Stanjay M. G.25lb 14oz, 5. Graham Gooddraw - Brampton, 21lb 15oz, 6. Keith Westerby - Brampton 19lb 1oz

Sections: Terry Allgood, Andy Leathers & Steve Gordon

Last Wednesday, the first sweepstake match at Cromwell was won by Graham Gooddraw from peg 5 with John Pratt a good second from peg 20 and Ian Benton third from peg 1.

RESULT: 1. Graham Gooddraw - Brampton, 25lb 3oz, 2. John Pratt - Gt Paxton, 22lb 2oz, 3. Ian Benton - VDE Stanjay M. G., 6lb 4oz, 4. Stan Binge - VDE Stanjay M. G., 15lb 12oz, 5. Steve Welford - Browning Hotrods, 14lb 2oz

Brampton AS

Sunday's match was Ted's Shield and was fished at River Lane. Paul Irons had a great days fishing with six bream for 19lb 8oz on a light pole rig.

Unfortunately there were not many other fish to be caught and Kevin Peacock in second place caught many small bleak for 3lb 3oz while Kevin Medlock in third caught small roach.

RESULT: 1. Paul Irons 19lb 8oz, 2. Kevin Peacock 3lb 3oz, 3. Kevin Medlock 3lb.

Next Sunday's B L Rosebowl is to be fished on Sewells Lake not at River lane.

Round one of this year's Twilight series was fished on Sewells Lake last Tuesday with Chris Saunders the winner with 4lb 6oz. Paul Irons was second and Dave Silsby third.

RESULT: 1. Chris Saunders 4lb 6oz, 2. Paul Irons 3lb 13oz, 3. Dave Silsby 2lb 12oz

St Ives A.C.

Tony McGregor won the Thursday evening Coote Cup match for the second successive week, again with an excellent total, although this time he was lucky that challenger Colin Leach lost tench and broke his pole.

Colin still finished only four pounds behind with 25lb 11oz.

RESULT: 1. Tony McGregor 29lb 14oz, 2. Colin Leach 25lb 11oz, 3. Paul Ashcroft 4lb 14oz

Tony was again the winner of the Jack Parsons Cup fished in 'B' section on Sunday. His catch was of perch and roach with Colin Leach and Paul Ashcroft again in second and third places.

RESULT: 1. Tony McGregor 8lb 6oz, 2. Colin Leach 3lb 8oz, 3. Paul Ashcroft 3lb 5oz.

Ramsey AS

Young Josh Pace did well again in the Thursday tankard match this week fished at Bodsey Bridge.

He could not quite repeat last week's win with Adrian Wylde beating him into second position but Josh with a late tench secured his place ahead of match secretary Keith Rayment.

RESULT: 1. Adrian Wylde 8lb, 2. Josh Pace 5lb 4oz, 3. Keith Rayment 5lb 1oz

The Secretaries Cup is traditionally a 'running line only' contest and was won by Pete Bass with two tench in his 8lb 8oz.

Vern Edgley was second and Andrew Kilby third.

RESULT: 1. Pete Bass 8lb 8oz, 2. Vern Edgley 6lb 8oz, 3. Andrew Kilby 5lb 10oz

Benwick A.C.

WE have results for the last two weeks.

The first match was fished at Copalder and the weights were disappointing with Terry Moat winning from Tony Ingram and Jon Seekins.

RESULT: 1. Terry Moat 3lb 10oz, 2. Tony Ingram 2lb 141/2 oz, 3. Jon Seekins 1lb 6oz.

This Sunday's match at Burtons Bank saw a win for Jon Hazelden with mainly eels in his 21lb 13oz. Terry Fairbrother was second with 9lb 5oz just ahead of Tony Ingram.

RESULT: 1. Jon Hazelden 21lb 13oz, 2. Terry Fairbrother 9lb 5oz, 3. Tony Ingram 9lb 2oz, 4. Ted Seeby 7lb 6oz.

Lawn Farm

Last Tuesday there were 15 anglers taking part in the Golden rod match with a win for Peter Henegan from Biggleswade with 53lb 10oz of carp and a few chublets from peg 28.

Andy Pollard was second and John Pratt third.

RESULT: 1. Peter Henegan Biggleswade 53lb 10oz, 2. Andy Pollard Luton 49lb 6oz, 3. John Pratt Gt Paxton 33lb.

St Neots AC

The result of Saturday's Bradley Cox match at Pocket Park was a win for Neil Halleybone with 9lb 9oz. Keith West was second with 6lb 8oz and Dennis Holliday third with 6lb.

RESULT: 1. Neil Halleybone 9lb 9oz, 2. Keith West 6lb 8oz, 3. Dennis Holliday 6lb.

Grahams Pond

Saturday's match was won by Bob Stobart with 5lb 12oz while Mick Holiday qualified for September's King of the Pond.

Bob also won Sunday's winner takes all with 18lb 8oz of tench on paste although John Hurley was a close second and Steve Webb third with 13lb 4oz.

Terry Kelly won the Tuesday evening match with 13lb 8oz.

Head Fen Fishery

There are qualifying matches on Head Fen fishery every Saturday and Sunday for a £1,000 final to be fished on the first saturday and sunday in September.

Jon Hazelden won the match on Saturday with 106lb 12oz and Steve Tyler's Sunday win was almost exactly the same weight.

RESULT: Saturday: 1. Jon Hazelden VDE Stanjay M. G 106lb 12oz, 2. Matt Collerson 79lb 13oz, 3. Mick Dixon 59lb 10oz.

Sunday: 1. Steve Tyler Poplets 107lb 4oz, 2. Rob Humphries C F P A S 93lb, 3. Bob Colson 83lb 6oz, 4. Jeff Hunt Over 82lb.

Grafham Water

There were special boat tickets for half-day sessions on Grafham to mark the start of the season.

Taking part in the 'catch and release' day was Woolpack regular Michael Irons, who with Brian Clarke caught nine trout for an average of 3lb. Unfortunately, none was a special tagged fish which was worth £1,000.

Next Sunday, the National Youth Finals are taking place at the venue.