Ramsey members feature as Peterborough BCKA kickboxers are crowned Grand Champions

THE Peterborough Area British Chinese Kickboxing Association Club, featuring Ramsey members Zac Culpin, Courtney Brown and Harry Nunn, will be forever the Boston Series Open champions after being crowned Grand Champions at the last ever event in Kirkby.

It was the third time in four years that the Peterborough club had been named overall winners of the competition, which will now finish and become part of the sport’s history.

Ramsey coach Andy Whitwell told The Hunts Post: “I’m so proud of all of our fighters and supporters that attended these events.

“Sadly, the Boston series is now finished as the organiser will no longer be running this event.

“We didn’t have it all our own way and a few decisions went against us in the continuous categories, but overall the refereeing was to a high standard and very fair.”

“Zac Culpin is definitely a star of the future.”

The team will now take part in the Peterborough Series, which will be in Werrington on Sunday, November 4.

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“We will be also hosting an invitational competition in November at the Sir Harry Smith Academy in Whittlesey,” said Whitwell. “Fighters from the Lincoln, Leicester and Northants BCKA clubs, as well as our Ramsey fighters, will be attending.”

The club trains at Ramsey Abbey College on Sundays between 6.30pm and 8pm and is currently looking for new members. Anyone interested should email bcka.wizard@gmail.com.

Results: Braydon Evans (peewee 3rd), Braydon Evans (U25kg 3rd), Jazmyn Evans (U4’4” Beginner Champion, U4’4” Grand Champion & U30kg Beginner 2nd, Edward Paddock (U35kg Intermediate 2nd), Harley Hilliam (U4’4” Beginner 3rd), Lauren Dixon (U5’2” runner up), Charlotte Cameron (U5’2” Intermediate 3rd & U55kg Intermediate Champion), Zac Culpin (O5’4” Advanced 3rd & Men U74kg Advanced 2nd), Courtney Brown (Men U74kg Advanced Champion, Men U74kg Advanced Grand Champion & Men 70kg Advanced 2nd), Jaden Harris (U5’2” Intermediate 2nd & U50kg Intermediate 2nd), Chelsea Munday (U5’4” runner up), Leon Gold (Men U65kg Advanced 2nd & Men U70kg Advanced 3rd), Harry Nunn (U5’4” Intermediate Champion, U5’4” Intermediate Grand Champion & O70kg Intermediate 2nd), Freya Molloy (U5’2” Intermediate Champion & U5’2” Intermediate Grand Champion), Scott Wesley (Men U74kg Intermediate Champion), Karl Strange (Men O85kg Advanced 2nd & Men O95kg Advanced 2nd).