Points make prizes in little and large contest

Cromwell Lake After the excitement of last week s series final, there was a different challenge for the anglers with a new little and large format. Each angler has two nets for fish weighing under and over a pound. Anglers get points from twenty downw

Cromwell Lake

After the excitement of last week's series final, there was a different challenge for the anglers with a new 'little and large' format.

Each angler has two nets for fish weighing under and over a pound.

Anglers get points from twenty downwards for each net and the match winner is the person with the best points total. There is also a prize for the top net in each category.

Ricky Ashwell had by far the best big fish net weighing 47lb 6oz but was only fifth with his small fish. Stan won the 'small fish' competition, two ounces ahead of Graham Goodwin.The two tied with 37 points each and Graham was given the match win for his bigger total weight.

RESULT: (Small Fish) 1. Stan Binge 10lb 12oz, 2. Graham Goodwin 10lb 8oz, 3. Dave Silsby 7lb 8oz

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(Big Fish) 1. Ricky Ashwell 47lb 6oz, 2. Tony Watling 25lb 13oz, 3. Graham Goodwin 23lb 10oz

Match : 1. Graham Goodwin 37points (34lb 2oz) 2. Stan Binge 37points (28lb 14oz) 3. Ricky Ashwell 36points

Wednesday Sweepstake

Steve Welford with 21lb 11oz was well ahead in Wednesday's match with the rest of the field close together. Terry Allgood was second with 11lb and Steve ashwell third.

RESULT: 1. Steve Welford Browning Hotrods 21lb 11oz, 2. Terry Allgood 11lb, 3. Steve Ashwell St Neots 10lb 7oz, 4. Stan Binge VDE Stanjay MG 9lb 7oz

Open Match - River Nene

Fishing was difficult for some anglers with the strong gusty wind on Sunday. Stanjay's Ian Benton won the match with four tench for 17lb from his peg in the section upstream of Milton Bridge.

Second-placed John Means was in the same section and Mark One's Pete Goodman was third from Alwalton with a tench and eels in his 10lb 4oz.

The first round of this year's summer league is on the Nene on Sunday.

RESULT: 1. Ian Benton VDE Stanjay M. G. 17lb, 2. John Means Peterborough 12lb 10oz, 3. Pete Goodman Mark One 10lb 4oz

Brampton AS

The end pegs were the place to be on Sewells Lake with match winner Dave Silsby weighing in 13lb 8oz which included 3 bream from one of the end pegs. Nick Marriott was second and Paul Anderson third from the peg at the other end of the match.

RESULT : 1. Dave Silsby 13lb 8oz, 2. Nick Marriott 9lb 15 1/2 oz, 3. Paul Anderson 8lb 6oz

Ramsey AS

Thursday's evening match was fished in the Narrows and Paul Kilby got off to a good start with a tench in the first few minutes. Although Duncan Folkes almost caught him, he won the match by just one ounce.

RESULT: 1. Paul Kilby 5lb 7oz, 2. Duncan Folkes 5lb 6oz, 3. Keith Rayment 2 lb 12oz

Paul Kilby was the winner again on Sunday at Staffurths Bridge. Drawn on the wires, Paul caught 12lb 1oz with Duncan folkes again second and Andrew Kilby and Keith Rayment equal third.

RESULT : 1. Paul Kilby 12lb 1oz, 2. Duncan Folkes 8lb 5oz, 3 = Andrew Kilby & Keith Rayment 5lb 6oz

Ramsey are not attending the national on the Basingstoke Canal on Saturday as several of their first choice anglers are not available.

St Ives AC

Conditions were very strange for last Thursday's Coote Cup match with the river more than a foot above recent levels but no flow at all. Paul Ashcroft was the winner with 5lb 2oz but the back up weights were very poor as anglers struggled for bites.

RESULT: 1. Paul Ashcroft 5lb 2oz, 2. Tony McGregor 131/2oz, 3. Chris Geeson 11oz

Paul made it a double winning Sundays club match at meadow Lane with a 4lb bream in his 5lb 12oz. Tony McGregor and Colin Leach were his nearest challengers.

RESULT : 1. Paul Ashcroft 5lb 12oz, 2. Tony McGregor 3lb 11oz, 3. Colin Leach 3lb 1oz

St Neots AC

The Chris Rayner memorial was fished at Pocket Park on Saturday and was won by Melvin Curtis with 10lb 7oz. Neil Halleybone was second and Mark Dickerson third.

RESULT : 1. Melvin Curtis 10lb 7oz, 2. Neil Halleybone 9lb 12oz, 3. Mark Dickerson 6lb 10oz

Benwick AC

This weeks match was fished at Trybanks Lakes at Norman Cross. The winner was Jon Seekins with Terry Fairbrother second, Kevin Gaunt third and Dick Denson fourth.

RESULT : 1. Jon Seekins 11lb 5oz, 2. Terry Fairbrother 4lb 6oz, 3. Kevin Gaunt 3lb 6oz, 4. Dick Denson 3lb 4oz.

Lawn Farm

The regular Tuesday Golden Rod match was fished on Honeysuckle Lake and was won by Dennis Holliday from peg 29. John Pratt was second and Roger Abbott third.

RESULT : 1. Dennis Holliday 18lb 12oz, 2. John Pratt Gt Paxton 15lb 7oz, 3. Roger Abbott Huntingdon 11lb 13oz

Evening Match held on June 30

RESULT : 1. Roger Simpson 131lb 13oz, 2. Simon Easy 92lb, 3. Lee Easy 68lb 14oz.

Grahams Pond

Saturday's match was won by John Swaim with an expert display of pole fishing. John fished at 16m and caught four carp, the biggest 9lb 12oz to weigh in a total of 21lb.

Sunday's match was not fished because of the strong wind.

Rookery Farm - Pidley

The last of a series of open matches was fished on Magpie on Saturday and was won by Dusty Kiddle from Graham Welton.

Grebe Angling Club had a Sunday match also on Magpie on Sunday, and with less than 10lb between the top five anglers, competition was tight. Trevor dew was the winner with 58lb 2oz

RESULT: 1. Trevor Dew 58lb 2oz, 2. A. Gausden 56lb 4oz, 3. M. Parker 56lb 2oz, 4 = Ron Gilbert & Pete Dighton 48lb 4oz.

Head Fen - Little Downham

RESULT: (Sunday July 9): 1.Jeff Hunt 103lb 8oz, 2. Malcolm Spares 74lb 4oz, 3. Rob Lincoln 70lb 14oz

Grafham Water

The junior national championships were disrupted by the windy conditions on Sunday with three foot waves on much of the lake. Only a quarter of the water was deemed safe but the youngsters did well including Matthew Rix from Grafham who was named as a reserve for the national team.