No room for error in angling league

Angling with Stan and Fizz


THE latest EMWL match again turned into a tight affair with the three teams leading the competition before Saturday’s match only separated by a point when weights were declared.

Maver Bait-Tech were first, Fox Match Stanjay Gold second and Browning Hotrods third. League leaders Peterborough finished fourth with Fox Match Stanjay Red in fifth.

Browning Hotrods provided the top two anglers on the day, with Tim Nash fishing the end peg above Baitsbite Lock, beating team-mate Steve Welford in the pike and eel section. Martin Roper had arguably the best day’s fishing below the railway bridge, weighing in 19lb 8 � oz of quality roach.

RESULT (individual): 1 Tim Nash Browning Hotrods 30lb 15oz; 2 Steve Welford Browning Hotrods 21lb 11oz; 3 Martin Roper Sensas Mk One 19lb 8 � oz; 4 Wayne Swinscoe Maver Bait-Tech 18lb 5oz; 5 Steve Gordon Fox Match Stanjay Red 17lb 7oz; 6 Anthony Watling Fox Match Stanjay Gold 16lb 4oz.

Teams on the day: 1 Maver Bait-Tech 29pts; 2 Fox Match Stanjay Gold 30pts; 3 Browning Hotrods 31pts; 4 Garbolino Peterborough 35pts; 5 Fox Match Stanjay Red 42pts; 6 Sensas Mk One 43pts.

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League to date: 1 Maver Bait-Tech 6; =2 Fox Match Stanjay Gold and Garbolino Peterborough 8; 4 Browning Hotrods 10; 5. Sensas Mk One 13; 6 Fox Match Stanjay Red 17.


ATTENDANCES have been disappointing for the Saturday afternoon matches over the past few weeks, though the weights have not been bad.

Matt Roberts won his second match on the venue, finishing just one ounce ahead of Jon Hazelden and Mark Dickerson.

RESULT: 1 Matt Roberts Fox Match Stanjay 4lb 4oz; =2 Jon Hazelden Browning Hotrods and Mark Dickerson Fox Match Stanjay 4lb 3oz.

There will be no more Saturday matches on the Rec.


DAVID Milburn was the winner of Sunday’s match with 16lb 4oz.

RESULT: 1 David Milburn 16lb 4oz; 2 Chris Geeson 11lb 11oz; 3 Mick Andrews 10lb 10oz.


IVAN Steels won the club sweepstake on Factory Bank from the village end peg and also took a �100 golden peg with 13lb 12oz of small fish.

RESULT: 1 Ivan Steels 13lb 12oz; 2 Andrew Kilby 10lb 14oz; 3 Paul Kilby 10lb 10oz.

There was also an Angling Trust Pike qualifier fished on Ramsey St Marys on Sunday with 20 anglers present.

Andy Bell from Yaxley was the winner with five pike, Martin Smith caught three for second place while the �biggest weighed 13lb 6oz for T Jolly.

RESULT: 1 Andy Bell �Yaxley 27lb 3oz; 2 Martin Smith March 14lb.


PAUL Ringham was top rod in Sunday’s March Open with 15lb 15oz from near Wigstons Bridge.

RESULT: 1 Paul Ringham March 15lb 15oz; 2 Dave Cooper Cambridge 15lb 6oz; 3 Adam Wakelyn Tattershall 13lb 10oz.


LAST week’s Golden Rod match produced some very good weights but fishing was patchy with some anglers struggling to catch.

RESULT: 1 Keith West St Neots 65lb 2oz; 2 Roger Dickerson Cambridge 55lb 14oz; 3 John Millard Newmarket 39lb 6oz.


WEDNESDAY: 1 Ian Dunlop Wessex Angling 77lb; 2 Tony Watling Fox Match Stanjay 70lb 14oz; 3 Jim Barrowman Fox Lewis’s Anglers World 62lb 2oz.

SATURDAY: 1 Geoff Arnold Suffolk’s Finest 43lb 4oz; 2 Tony Watling Fox Match Stanjay 42lb 14oz; 3 Andy Leathers Browning Hotrods 37lb 7oz; 4 Mark Pollard Fox Match Stanjay Dynamite 36lb 12oz.

SUNDAY: 1 Tony Evans Dynamite Middy 59lb; 2 Neil Parkinson Dynamite Middy 52lb 9oz; 3 Mick Bartrum DAD 41lb 10oz.