Mystery catch causes confusion

AN ANGLER normally known for targeting big tench made an interesting capture at the Bluebell Lake Tansor Peterborough. Godmanchester man John McAngus, who is also known for his perch catches, was fishing for tench, hoping to beat his 8lb 2oz season s best

AN ANGLER normally known for targeting big tench made an interesting capture at the Bluebell Lake Tansor Peterborough.

Godmanchester man John McAngus, who is also known for his perch catches, was fishing for tench, hoping to beat his 8lb 2oz season's best at the venue using worms and fishing close to a bed of lilies.

However, the tench were not feeding and during a torrential shower of rain he got a slow take that involved a short fight.

This ended with John wading into the lake to safely net the fish, which looked like a crucian carp and weighed 5lb 7oz on his scales.

The lake owner and the bailiff also looked at the fish which was photographed and the records checked. There was great excitement at the prospect of a new national record - the existing one for a crucian carp being 4lb 9oz.

On examining the photographs, there was doubt whether it was a true crucian. The British Record Fish Committee only accepts claims from a handful of waters, where they are sure there has been no hybridisation. The experts now think that it was either a crucian carp hybrid or a brown goldfish - the record for which is only 5lb 9oz.

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There has not been a record claim, though John will not forget the experience.

Cromwell Lake

THE summer Little and Large series is developing into a good contest. Anglers get points for both of two nets of fish, those over a pound and those under that amount.

Leading in the series at the moment is Dave Silsby, who has scored points in both categories each week. He has 90 points with only five points covering the next five anglers.

Dave won last week's match with 24lb 15.5oz, from Graham Gooddraw with 23lb 13oz.

Series Points: 1 Dave Silsby 90pts, 2 Ricky Ashwell 70pts, 3 Terry Allgood 69pts, 4 Jason Roslyn 68pts, 5 Stan Binge 67pts, 6 Keith Ellington 66pts.

Benwick AC

JON Hazelden returned to his club roots to win Sunday's match on the Halfpenny Toll end of Chapel Farm. Jon caught tench, eels and bream for 14lb 5oz.

Tony Ingram maintained his record of finishing either second or third in all of this season's club matches by finishing second and Terry Moat was third.

RESULT: 1 Jon Hazelden 14lb 5oz, 2 Tony Ingram 6lb 3oz, 3 Terry Moat 4lb.

St Ives AS

THE final Thursday Coote Cup evening match was fished in A section and was won by Kevin Peacock with 12lb 3oz. Tony McGregor was second and Chris Geeson came third.

RESULT: 1 Kevin Peacock 12lb 3oz, 2 Tony McGregor 8lb 6oz, 3 Chris Geeson 4lb 14oz.

There were again great roach weights to be caught on wheat in A section on Sunday.

RESULT: 1 Chris Geeson 16lb 9oz, 2 Paul Ashcroft 9lb 9oz.

Lawn Farm

STANJAY'S fast-improving angler Paul Goldstraw was the winner of last Monday's evening open in a close finish, beating Paul Jackson and Tony Watling.

RESULT: 1 Paul Goldstraw 34lb 2oz, 2 Paul Jackson 32lb 8oz, 3 Tony Watling 27lb 10oz.

Last Tuesday's Golden Rod match was won by Derick Kendrew from Baldock. In second and third places were husband and wife Roger and Audrey Abbott from Huntingdon. Audrey took the honours, and second spot, just eight ounces ahead of Roger and only two pounds behind the winner.

RESULT: 1 Derick Kendrew Baldock 27lb 4oz, 2 Audrey Abbott Huntingdon 25lb 2oz, 3 Roger Abbott Huntingdon 24lb 10oz.

Grahams Pond

TONY Watling is in good form at the venue and won Saturday's match with 6lb 6oz from Steve Webb and Greg Marsh.

RESULT: 1 Tony Watling 6lb 6oz, 2 Steve Webb 5lb 10oz, 3 Greg Marsh 4lb 14oz.

Head Fen Fishery

THERE are just five matches left to qualify for this year's final on September 1/2, with two being held this weekend.

Last week's result: 1 Neil Wallis Cambridge 61lb 6oz, 2 Nigel Loker Cambridge 45lb 2oz, 3 Jason Fulcher Cambridge 36lb 14oz, 4 Brad Kendall Stanjay 36lb.

Manderson Trust

THERE is an open day at the trust lakes at Over tomorrow.

Patron, darts star Bobby George and his wife Maria will be there, as will four times world champion angler Bob Nudd and Mick Brown.

There is also a children's match with a draw at 10am and fishing from 11am-2pm.

Fishing fixtures


Cromwell Lake - Wednesday Evening Sweepstake - Draw 5.30pm - Fish 6pm-dusk.


Division 1 National - New Junction Canal - Doncaster

Cromwell Lake - Little & Large Series Match 7 - Draw 12 noon - Fish 1-6pm (two keepnets needed)

Grahams Pond - Open Match & King of the Pond Qualifier - Draw 8.30am - Fish 9am-2pm - Booking 01480 351034.

St Neots AS - Riverside Challenge Open - Pocket Park - Draw 9am - Fish 10am-3pm - 20 pegs maximum - please book with Chris 01480 383211.

Head Fen - Qualifier 24 - Draw 8.45am


Nene Summer League - Open Match - Draw Cherry Tree - 8.30am

Brampton AS - Roach Cup - Sewells Lake - Draw 1pm - Fish 2pm-7pm

Ramsey AS - Draw 7.30am - Fish 8.30am-1.30pm

Benwick AC - Club Match - Ely Beet - Draw 7am - Fish 8am-1pm

St Ives AS - Club Match - A section - Draw 7am - Fish 8am-1pm - Please phone Chris Geeson to confirm exact venue

Head Fen - Qualifier 25 - Draw 8.45am


Lawn Farm - Evening Match - Draw 5.30pm - Fish 6pm-dusk - Phone 01954 718269 to book in


Lawn Farm - Golden Rod Match - Draw 9am - Fish 10am-3pm


Cromwell Lake - Leeda Wednesday Evening Sweepstake - Draw 5.30pm - Fish 6pm-dusk