Four St Ives Cycling Club talents collected podium finishes in the fifth round of the Mud Sweat & Gears Eastern Region League.

Sam Trotter (Youth Male), Ralf Falkner (Under 12 Boys) and Orla Kenna (Under 12 Girls) all finished as runners-up at the Phoenix Bike Park in Suffolk, while Sapphire Curtis took third spot in the Juvenile Female race at the Kentford venue.

Three members of the Falkner family impressed in all last Sunday with Ralf's sibling, Max, finishing seventh in the Juvenile Male bracket and father, Leo, taking fourth place at Open Male level.

Other St Ives riders in action in scorching conditions were Jack Taylor (sixth in Sport Male), Ruby O'Dell (seventh in Under 10 Girls), Ian Megginson (13th in Open Male), Jacob Megginson (26th in Under 12 Boys) and Mick Curtis (60th in Open Male).