Connor Phillips and Bradley Dearney led the Huntingdon and St Ives Tang Soo Do Association medal mission at the National Championships last weekend.

They grabbed two golds apiece – in hyungs and sparring - as the local martial arts aces were among more than 400 from across the United Kingdom to descend on the Sports Connexion venue in Coventry.

There was also a gold medal for clubmate Peter Dudgeon in the weapons section where Phillips took silver.

Victoria Namur also collected a second place while Delphine Namur bagged bronze.

There was a hat-trick of top spots in the hyungs bracket courtesy of Phillips, Dearnley and Maya Pandey.

Victoria and Delphine Namur, and Olivia Skinner earned silver in the same category while Regis Godard, Asha Pandey, Catherine Carter and Martin Bennett took third places.

And there was more success in the sparring section as Dearnley and Phillips again grabbed gold while Carter picked up her second silver.

The Huntingdon Tang Soo Do group train on Tuesdays and Thursdays (7pm to 9pm) at One Leisure in the town.

The St Ives Tang Soo Do train on Sundays (11.30am to 1.30pm) and Fridays (7.30pm to 9pm) at One Leisure, St Ives.

Further information about the club is available from Master Mujahid Khan on 07973 636740.

The The Huntingdon and St Ives Tang Soo Do Association members pictured above are, back row, left to right, Bill Halliday, Paul Ireson, Peter Dudgeon, Regis Godard, Jack James, Bradley Dearnley, Connor Phillips, Tracey Digby, David Marsh, middle row, Maya Pandey, Asha Pandey, Catherine Carter, Master Lesley Allen, Master Mujahid Khan, Master Dawn Khan, Master Mike Allen, Gill Innes, front row, Delphine Namur, Victoria Namur, Martha Bennett, Olivia Skinner, Jakob Dudgeon and Jack Campbell.