Huntingdon warriors claimed a stack of honours at the recent Great Britain Tang Soo Do Championships.

The event at Nottingham University attracted almost 400 competitors from as far afield as Scotland and Wales – and local stars excelled.

Huntingdon Tang Soo Do members claimed a host of individual successes, including two grand champion crowns earned by David Marsh (adult grand dan) and Samantha Unwin (adult colour belt).

Marsh and Unwin also claimed first places in forms and sparring, while Danilo Talic completed the same double. Other winners were Katie Alexander (sparring), Jamie King (sparring), Bradley Dearnley (sparring), Betony Bennett (sparring) and Morgan Bennett (sparring).

The Huntingdon Tang Soo Do club medal haul also included runners-up finishes for Gary Morton (weapons and forms), Alexander (forms), Jamie King (forms), Greg King (forms), Marsh (weapons), Shazan Amin (weapons), Maya Pandy (forms), Dearnley (forms), Zoe Halliday (weapons and forms), Jack James (forms), Dylan Nicholson-Reid (weapons), Martha Bennett (forms) and William Mulcrone (forms).

Third places were gained by Mark Gibbons (forms), Alexander (weapons), Greg King (sparring), Unwin (weapons), Dearnley (weapons), Akvilina Kerbedyte (forms), India Mulcrone (forms) and Bennett (sparring).

Several members of the Huntingdon club will represent Great Britian in the World Championships this summer. They are being held in America during July.