Lucky 13 as Andy goes hell for Leathers

Cromwell Lake SATURDAY saw the grand final of the van den Eynde-sponsored close season series, with more than £1,000 of prize money up for grabs. The fishing was disappointing for many, with the fish shoaled up and difficult to catch for many of the angle

Cromwell Lake

SATURDAY saw the grand final of the van den Eynde-sponsored close season series, with more than £1,000 of prize money up for grabs.

The fishing was disappointing for many, with the fish shoaled up and difficult to catch for many of the anglers. It was Andy Leathers, drawn on peg 13, who emerged the very conclusive winner with a fantastic weight of 67lb 6oz.

He did not catch any fish over five or six pounds and put together a lovely net of bream, tench and carp. Graham Gooddraw, who has been very consistent this season on the venue, was second from peg 30 and Wednesday series leader Brian Gibson was third.

Ricky Ashwell, Mark Dickerson and Stan took the other 'main frame' places with Ian Benton, Dave Rawlins and Dave Silsby taking the section prizes.

No angler went home empty handed with sponsor Van Den Eynde providing generous back up prizes for those who missed the top places.

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RESULT: 1 Andy Leathers Browning Hotrods 67lb 6oz, 2 Graham Gooddraw Brampton 30lb 3oz, 3 Brian Gibson Browning Stanjay 17lb 6oz, 4 Ricky Ashwell GOT Baits 16lb 6oz, 5 Mark Dickerson 11lb 8oz, 6 Stan Binge Browning Stanjay 6lb.

Before the match the shield and replicas were presented to the top three anglers in the series. GOT Baits Steve Ashwell was again the series winner with his son Ricky second and Graham Gooddraw third, just ahead of Mark Dickerson.

Leeda Wednesday Series

WE HAVE two weeks of results for the Wednesday matches.

June 20 RESULT: 1 Ricky Ashwell GOT Baits 29lb 6oz, 2 Graham Gooddraw Brampton 25lb 14oz, 3 Stan Binge Browning Stanjay 22lb 15oz, 4 Steve Welford Browning Hotrods 21lb 14oz.

June 27 RESULT: 1 Steve Ashwell GOT Baits 16lb 15oz, 2 Paul Hendy Stanjay MG 13lb 8oz, 3 Brian Gibson Browning Stanjay 11lb 6oz, 4 Terry Allgood Cromwell Lake 10lb 6oz.

Benwick AC

COPALDER was the venue for Sunday's match, with yet another of the club waters performing well, one benefit of the extra water recently. The match was won by Colin Oakman with 13lb 9oz. Tony Ingram, who came second, was in the frame for the third consecutive Sunday and Brian Gibson came in third.

RESULT: 1 Colin Oakman 13lb 9oz, 2 Tony Ingram 10lb 2oz, 3 Brian Gibson 9lb 9oz.

St Ives AS

PAUL Ashcroft responded in the best possible way to the derisory comments of his clubmates after two poor results. He won both the Thursday evening Coote Cup match and Sunday's Jack Parson Cup.

On Thursday, he weighed in 7lb 4oz to finish well ahead of Kevin Peacock and Tony McGregor.

RESULT: 1 Paul Ashcroft 7lb 14oz, 2 Kevin Peacock 4lb 14oz, 3 Tony McGregor 4lb 4oz.

There were some excellent weights from Dolphin Meadow on Sunday in the Jack Parson Cup. Paul Ashcroft's winning weight of 34lb 15oz was taken on the tip and comprised bream and odd tench. Chris Geeson was a very close second and Colin Leach finished third.

RESULT: 1 Paul Ashcroft 34lb 15oz, 2 Chris Geeson 33lb 9oz, 3 Colin Leach 24lb 15oz.

With the water coloured and flowing bream, tench and some good rudd are showing with very few roach to be caught at the moment. Mention must be made of two anglers; Tony McGregor, who is the latest to feel like selling his little-used keepnet, and Duncan Ray. Duncan's first match of the new season was a not unexpected succession of disasters and wrong decisions which kept his fellow anglers amused.

The weekend's club match has been cancelled because several regulars are on holiday and Duncan needed the opportunity for extra practice.

St Neots AS

MARK Rayner fished the feeder to win the Bradley Cox Trophy fished in the Regatta field on Saturday. Mark caught bream and tench for a winning weight of 31lb 8oz.

RESULT: 1 Mark Rayner 31lb 8oz, 2 Gary Armiger 9lb 13oz, 3 Neil Smith 8lb 12oz, 4 Bob Gill 8lb 9oz.

Ramsey AS

LAST week's Thursday Tankard match was fished at Bodsey Bridge and was won by Paul Kilby with 3lb 12.5oz.

RESULT: 1 Paul Kilby 3lb 12.5oz, 2 Frank Bevilaqua 2lb 6oz, 3 Duncan Folkes 2lb 5oz.

The match on Sunday was the Secretaries Cup, traditionally fished as a running line only match. Paul Kilby was the winner from one of the end pegs with 22lb 13oz.

He caught small bream and one tench to beat his brother drawn next to the other end of the match with Vern Edgley third.

Anglers who did not catch 'bonus' fish struggled with few small fish feeding.

RESULT: 1 Paul Kilby 22lb 13oz, 2 Andrew Kilby 21lb 11oz, 3 Vern Edgley 12lb 15.5oz.

Grahams Pond

THE first semi-final of the Plumb-It Challenge was fished on Sunday between the Wagon & Horses and Spitfires A. The Spitfires have been very hard to beat on the venue but on Sunday, helped by some small carp and the lake fishing poorly for small fish, the Wagon emerged victorious.

Nigel Marshall fishing for the Wagon won the match individually with 9lb 14oz with team-mate Peter Frann in second and Spitfires' Terry Kelly third.

RESULT: 1 Nigel Marshall 9lb 14oz, 2 Peter Frann 6lb 4oz, 3 Terry Kelly 4lb 2oz.

Teams: Wagon & Horses 21lb; Spitfires A 14lb 11oz.

Nigel Marshall also wins a bottle of wine for the angler of the round.

In the Saturday King of the Pond Open

all anglers caught well on Saturday, with Terry Kelly finishing ahead of Greg Marsh and Bob Stuart.

Lawn Farm

THE Monday evening open fished on Honeysuckle Lake was won by Ken Whitmore with 30lb 4oz from peg 23. John Logan was second, while Marvin Bucknell and Paul Hendy tied for third place.

RESULT: 1 Ken Whitmore 30lb 4oz, 2 John Logan 25lb 12oz, 3= Marvin Bucknell/Paul Hendy 20lb 10oz.

Golden Rod Match

RESULT: 1 Dennis Holliday 35lb, 2 George Scully 21lb 12oz, 3 John Pratt 17lb 4oz.

Rookery Farm

OAP Match

LAST Wednesday's OAP match was won by Kevin Peacock with an impressive 97lb 4oz. John Smith was second and Roger Abbott third. Pete Norris failed to make it three consecutive wins when he overslept although he is threatening to set his alarm this Wednesday.

RESULT: 1 Kevin Peacock 97lb 4oz, 2 John Smith 58lb 10oz, 3 Roger Abbott 53lb 10oz, 4 Dannis Sandbridge 44lb 4oz, 5 Martin Parker 42lb 4oz.

Millview fished on Rook Lake on Sunday with disappointing but close weights. Chris Saunders caught 20lb 8oz from peg 24 to finish just ahead of Tony Ansell.

RESULT: 1 Chris Saunders 20lb 8oz, 2 Tony Ansell 19lb 10oz, 3 Dennis Moat 17lb, 4 Gary Burton 15lb 8oz.

We would like to apologise to several match secretaries whose results were omitted from last week's paper due to what we would like to call 'operator error'.

Manderson Trust

WE HAVE been asked to publicise the match on Saturday at Manderson Trust at Swavesey. The match is in memory of John Gammon and is raising funds for MacMillan Nurses. The entry cost is £10, which includes a token for the barbecue, and there are cash prizes and trophies. There are already 37 anglers booked in and it would be great if the maximum of 50 could be reached to support this excellent cause.

Fishing Fixtures

Today (Wednesday)

Cromwell Lake - Leeda Wednesday Night series - Match 9 - Draw 5.30pm - Fish 6pm-dusk.

Rookery Farm Pidley - OAP Match - Jay Lake - Draw 9am - Fish 10am-4pm - Booking 01480 501487/01480 822980.


St Ives AS - Coote Cup Round 3 - B Section - Draw 6pm - Fish 6.30pm-dusk.

Ramsey AS - Thursday Tankard - Forty Foot (High Nos)


Cromwell Lake - Little and Large Match - Draw 12noon - Fish 1-6pm (two keepnets needed)

Grahams Pond - Open Match & King of the Pond Qualifier - Draw 8.30am - Fish 9am-2pm - Booking 01480 351034

Manderson Trust - Open match - John Gammon Memorial - Draw 9.15am - Fish 10am-3pm.

Head Fen - Qualifier 18 - Draw 8.45am - Fish 10am-4pm.


Ramsey AS - R Edgley Memorial match - Staffurths Bridge - Draw 7.30am - Fish 8.30am-1.30pm.

Grahams Pond - Plumb-It Challenge semi final - River Mill v Brampton Institute

Benwick AC - Club Match - Chapel Farm Village End - Draw 7am - Fish 8am-1pm.

Manderson Trust - D&M match - Draw 8am - Fish 9am-3pm.


Lawn Farm - Evening Match - Draw 5.30pm - Fish 6pm-dusk - Phone 01954 718269 to book in.


Lawn Farm - Golden Rod Match

Wednesday 11

Cromwell Lke - Leeda Wednesday series - Match 10 - Draw 5.30pm - Fish 6pm-dusk.

Rookery Farm Pidley - OAP Match - Rook Lake - Draw 9am - Fish 10am-4pm - Booking 01480 501487/01480 822980.

Thursday 12

St Ives AS - Coote Cup Round 4 - C Section - Draw 6pm - Fish 6.30pm-dusk

Forthcoming Match

The 24hr sponsored fish on July 21/22 on Grahams Pond is almost booked. Anyone wishing to fill the last few places should book with Graham on 01480 351034.