BOWLS: Both Hunts men’s sides are beaten in their final county fixtures

Robert Jepson skipped his rink to success in Hunts' defeat at Lincolnshire in the Adams Trophy.

Robert Jepson skipped his rink to success in Hunts' defeat at Lincolnshire in the Adams Trophy. - Credit: Archant

The two Hunts men’s team ended their county campaigns on a losing note against Lincolnshire last weekend.

They went down 187-143 in the Adams Trophy – just a second reverse in six outings this summer - but went down 178-127 in the Newton Trophy to complete an unwanted 100 per cent record in that competition.

Reigning national two-bowl singles champion Robert Jepson and Kev Bowers skipped their rinks to success in the Adams Trophy clash at the Burton House club in Boston, but hosts Lincolnshire dominated on the other four rinks.

There were also two rink triumphs for Hunts in the Newton Trophy loss at Grantham.

The all-Hemingford trio of Andy Townsend, Ray Woodward and skip Peter Reason prevailed 27-21 while Richard Coles guided his side – featuring Ian Hamilton and Barry McCormick – to a 28-24 victory.

But Hunts lost heavily on the other rinks as they ended the season with a record of four successive defeats.

Adams Trophy

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Lincolnshire 187, Hunts 143

Hunts rinks: Dave Richardson/Kev Ward/Robert Jepson won 31-22, Brian Garratt/John Hignett/Kev Bowers won 31-26, Colin Bates/Mack May/Richard Stevens lost 21-29, Trevor Dighton/Dave McCulloch/Ian Swannell lost 23-34, David Peak/Stuart Hastings/John Mitchley lost 22-39, Matt Cooksey/Brian Johnson/Eric Baker lost 15-37.

Newton Trophy

Lincolnshire 178, Hunts 127

Hunts rinks: Andy Townsend/Ray Woodward/Peter Reason won 27-21, Ian Hamilton/Barry McCormick/Richard Coles won 28-24, Adrian Cossey/Tony Dymond/Malcolm Dudley lost 19-31, Steve Williams/Merv Rossin/John Waine lost 18-31, Sam Ormiston/Sam Brugnoli/Peter Hutchinson lost 21-37, Richard Jolly/Jim Daniel/Barry Stevens lost 14-34.