It’s Stan and deliver! Roach help to edge out golden’ Steve

Fishing Fixtures Saturday Godmanchester AS Saturday Open (King of the Rec) – Godmanchester Recreation Ground – Draw 11.30am – Fish 12.15-4.30pm Cromwell Lake – Sweepstake – Draw 11am – Fish noon-5pm (two keepnets needed) St Neots AC – Tobacco Box Troph

Fishing Fixtures


Godmanchester AS Saturday Open (King of the Rec) - Godmanchester Recreation Ground - Draw 11.30am - Fish 12.15-4.30pm

Cromwell Lake - Sweepstake - Draw 11am - Fish noon-5pm (two keepnets needed)

St Neots AC - Tobacco Box Trophy - Wilden Reservoir - Draw 9am - Fish 10am-3pm (meet Wilden)

Grahams Pond - Open Match - Winner Takes All - Draw 8.30am - Fish 9am-2pm (01480 351034)

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East Midlands Winter League - Round Four - River Glen & Welland Spalding - Draw Birds - 8am - Fish 10am-3pm

Ramsey AS - Ramsey Winter League - Factory Bank - Draw 8am - Fish 9am-2pm

Benwick AS - Club Match - Floods Ferry - Draw 8am - Fish 9am-2pm


Lawn Farm - Golden Rod Open match - Willow Lake

Stanjay Saturday Open

THE main river fished well in Saturday's match with Stan winning from peg 12. His catch mainly consisted of roach but also included two small chub.

Steve Roslyn, drawn on the "golden peg", was just a pound behind with two lovely chub caught on the waggler from peg 14.

Chris Geeson was third with 7lb 4oz from peg 10 and was pleased to have doubled the weight of Josh Pace drawn below him.

RESULT: 1 Stan Binge VDE Stanjay MG 10lb 2oz, 2 Steve Roslyn 9lb 3oz, 3 Chris Geeson St Ives 7lb 4oz, 4 Ray Myring St Ives 6lb 1oz

Cromwell Lake

Graham Gooddraw caught 43lb 14oz, an excellent weight for this time of year, to win Saturday's sweepstake at Cromwell Lake. Dave Silsby was second with John Pratt taking the small fish prize.

RESULT: 1 Graham Gooddraw Brampton 43lb 14oz, 2 Dave Silsby Brampton 8lb 8oz, 3 John Pratt Gt Paxton 5lb 3oz (all small fish)

East Midlands Winter League Open Match

This match was fished on the town section of the Welland and on the Glen on Sunday and, as usual, provided some of the anglers with a fantastic day's fishing while others struggled to catch for all or some of the time.

All the top weights came from the Welland, with Wades' Dave Thornton the match winner, weighing in a fantastic 38lb 8oz.

In second place was Mark One's Simon Godfrey with 29lb, third was Jof Hewett and fourth Tony Watling Senior.

Next Sunday will not be easy with just four points covering the top six clubs in the league, and until the draw is made no angler knowing whether they will need to put a good weight together or fish for just a few bites.

RESULT: 1 Dave Thornton Wades MG 38lb 8oz, 2 Simon Godfrey Mark One 29lb, 3 Jof Hewett Mark One 22lb 3oz, 4 Tony Watling Browning Hotrods 20lb 14oz, 5 Jon Whincup Essex County VDE

Jeffries Cup

This charity match is fished annually on the Old Nene at March with a total of 16 teams of four from the armed forces and emergency services taking part.

The cold weather did affect sport to some extent, but there was only one blank and eight pounds was needed for good team points in all sections.

The match was won individually by Roy Whincup, victor on the Cam last Sunday, who is in great form at the moment.

Roy caught 17lb 1oz of perch, skimmers and roach plus a bonus bream and a tench.

RESULT: (individual) 1 Roy Whincup MOD Blue 17lb 1oz, 2 Steve Hutter RAF B 16lb 15oz, 3 Adie Blackwell MOD Red 15lb 15oz, 4 Will Hadley 15lb 10oz

Teams: 1 RAF B 12pts, 2 MOD Red 16pts, 3 Old Lags G 22pts

Ramsey AS

The first match of this year's club winter league was fished at Halfpenny Toll. Ray Steels got off to a good start with a victory by just three ounces over Paul Kilby. Pete Kirlew was third.

RESULT: 1 Ray Steels 6lb 6oz, 2 Paul Kilby 6lb 3oz, 3 Pete Kirlew 4lb 8oz

Brampton AS

There are two matches to report, both won by Colin Oliver to bring his club victories to four in a row.

Last week's match was on Six Islands at Decoy and saw Colin finish 10 pounds ahead of nearest rival Chris Saunders.

RESULT: 1 Colin Oliver 74lb 14oz, 2 Chris Saunders 64lb 12oz, 3 Mick Sonnett 60lb

The Hail Weston Cup was fished on Magpie Lake at Rookery Farm Pidley this Sunday.

Winner was again Colin Oliver with 35lb 8oz caught on maggot on the pole from peg 19.

The other positions were close with only ounces between second and third and fourth and fifth places.

RESULT: 1 Colin Oliver 35lb 8oz, 2 Nick Marriott 19lb 4oz, 3 Dave Silsby 19lb, 4 Will Hadley 15lb 2oz, 5 Chris Saunders 15lb, 6 Paul Anderson 13lb 9oz

Benwick AC

The cold weather had definitely affected the fishing on the Copalder stretch although the competition was close, with Jon Seekins finishing just one ounce ahead of last week's winner Terry Fairbrother and Dave Porter just seven ounces behind in third.

RESULT: 1 Jon Seekins 3lb 6oz, 2 Terry Fairbrother 3lb 5oz, 3 Dave Porter 2lb 14oz

Grahams Pond

Several overnight frosts have made fishing more difficult but Graham Marsh adapted best to the conditions to finish ahead of Steve Webb and Dave Bedden.

Open matches will continue on Saturdays while there is a demand.