It’s one between five

Cromwell Lake There were 13 anglers at Saturday s little and large match. With one more match to go in the series the top places are very close, and five people could still win the competition. There were three big fish nets of more than 29lb, with Ric

Cromwell Lake

There were 13 anglers at Saturday's 'little and large' match. With one more match to go in the series the top places are very close, and five people could still win the competition.

There were three big fish nets of more than 29lb, with Ricky Ashwell weighing in 39lb 6 1/2 oz, dad Steve was second with 29lb 14oz and Stan third with 29lb.

Terry Allgood weighed in the best small fish net of 7lb 5oz with Josh Pace and Graham Gooddraw second and third.

Stan, with a third and a fourth place, was the overall winner with 35pts. There were then three anglers on 33points separated by weight for the minor places.

RESULT: Big Fish Net 1 Ricky Ashwell 39lb 6 1/2 oz Small fish: Terry Allgood 7lb 5oz

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Overall: 1 Stan Binge 35pts, 2 Ricky Ashwell 33pts (41lb 9 1/2 oz) 3 Stan Dow 33pts (21lb 13oz) 4 Terry Allgood 33pts (11lb 13oz)

Wednesday Evening Open

Last week's match began in lovely weather and ended with the weigh-in taking place in a thunderstorm. There were four weights of 20lb or more and the positions were close. Marvin Bucknell, fishing for the first time in a while, was the winner with 26lb 4oz from peg 27. Graham Goodwin was second, just six ounces adrift, with Steve Ashwell and Terry Allgood the others to weigh over 20lb.

RESULT: 1 Marvin Bucknell 26lb 12oz, 2 Graham Gooddraw 25lb 14oz, 3 Terry Allgood 24lb 1oz, 4 Steve Ashwell 21lb

Nene Summer League

The second match of the league was fished at Orton up and down on Sunday. Although the river was still weedy, the extra colour after a little recent rain made all the difference and those who knew the river best and recognised that there was the potential for big weights did best. A third of the field caught double figure weights with the top two anglers, Paul Wright and Martin Roper, catching bream from the section downstream of the Rowing Course. The other weights were mainly of roach.

Our Stanjay team did not do as well as in the first round and are now placed in the middle of the league.

Brampton AS

Round four of the Twilight Series was won by Chris Saunders, who had the luxury of catching two early bonus fish - a perch and an eel. He then steadily added skimmers and hybrids to maintain his first place. Paul irons was second and Dave Silsby third.

RESULT: 1 Chris Saunders 6lb 1 1/2 oz, 2 Paul Irons 5lb, 3 Dave Silsby 2lb 9 1/2 oz

The series is very close with both Chris Saunders and Paul Irons having scored 38 points from a possible 40.

Benwick AC

The Benwick match was fished on the River Nene on the North Bank. Jon Hazelden made the most of his end peg draw catching 49lb 15oz of bream. Dick Denson was second with 17lb 12oz.

RESULT: 1 Jon Hazelden 49lb 15oz, 2 Dick Denson 17lb 12oz, 3 Terry Moat 1lb 3oz, 4 Terry Fairbrother 1lb 0 1/2oz

Ramsey AS

Despite a thunderstorm, Thursday's match went ahead at Factory Bank. Although there were signs of better fish all that were caught were small fish, with Paul Kilby the winner. With just one more match three anglers are very close in the league, Paul Kilby, Keith Rayment and Josh Pace.

RESULT: 1 Paul Kilby 2lb 11oz, 2 Duncan Folkes 1lb 11oz, 3 Adrian Wylde 1lb 8oz

Sunday's match was the adult pairs won by Keith Rayment and individual winner on the day, Duncan Folkes.

RESULT: 1 Keith Rayment & Duncan Folkes 2 Paul & Andrew Kilby

Individual: 1 Duncan Folkes 30lb 10oz, 2 Andrew Kilby 15lb 15oz, 3 Dave Jarrett 1lb 11oz

St Ives AS

Chris Geeson won both of this week's matches with very different catches. On Thursday, he included two tench in his 10lb 2oz weight from 'C' section to win the evening match. On Sunday two bream and 14lb of roach caught on wheat provided another great day's fishing in the Jack Hall Shield.

RESULT: (Thursday) 1 Chris Geeson 10lb 2oz, 2 Paul Ashcroft 4lb 13oz, 3 Ray Myring 3lb 9oz

Sunday: 1 Chris Geeson 18lb 15oz, 2 Jim Parker 6lb 5oz, 3 Tony McGregor 5lb 9oz

Lawn Farm

Last week's 'Golden Rod' match was fished as a pairs event as a change from the usual format. The winning pair were Blake Reddy from peg 23 and Don Pennington from peg 15 with a combined weight of 45lb 12oz. In second place were Mick Burge and Roger Abbott with 29lb 3oz. This week's match sees a return to the usual individual open.

Grahams Pond

The Saturday Open matches have now finished for the moment although the Sunday 'Winner Takes All' matches are to continue. This week is the last chance to qualify for the 'King of the Pond' final.

Plans are already being made for next years Plumb-It challenge. This is fished between teams from local pubs and clubs on a knockout basis. Anyone wishing to enter should contact Graham on 01480 351034

Head Fen

Two more qualifying open matches were fished this weekend. On Saturday, John Belshaw from Cambridge went one better than last week to win and clinch a qualifying place for the final in September. Sunday's winner Jeff Hunt had already taken a place, so runner-up Colin Oakman was successful.

RESULT: (Saturday) 1 John Belshaw Cambridge 102lb 6oz, 2 Trevor Oakman VDE Stanjay MG 87lb 4oz, 3 Neil Parkinson Daiwa Trentmen 83lb 2oz

Sunday: 1 Jeff Hunt Over 130lb 6oz, 2 Colin Oakman Browning Hotrods 110lb, 3 Cheryl Horton 90lb 6oz