Huntingdon Racecourse forced to cancel another meeting

Flooding at Huntingdon Racecourse in January 2020

Flooding is an all too regular hazard at Huntingdon Racecourse, this the scene as a meeting was cancelled in January 2020. - Credit: JOHN WALTON/PA

More flooding and a partially-frozen track mean Huntingdon Racecourse has been forced to abandon a third meeting in the space of a month.

The first had been scheduled for January 15 but the wet weather made the Alconbury Brook burst its banks, leaving "areas of both the track and racecourse facilities flooded".

The second, set for January 29, was cancelled for the same reason and with the brook once more overflowing and flooding parts of the home straight, not to mention the cold snap leaving the ground frozen, an early inspection for Thursday's outing ended with the same "difficult decision".

Flooding happens all too regularly at the course but the latest abandonment means they have been without a meeting so far in 2021. All would have taken place behind closed doors too as the course follows the COVID-19 guidelines.

They will hope for much better luck on February 25 with a further three race days planned for March.