ATHLETICS: Impressive performances from Riverside and BRJ members in Cambridge Half-Marathon

Jo O'Regan of Riverside Runners during the Cambridge Half-Marathon. Picture: SUBMITTED

Jo O'Regan of Riverside Runners during the Cambridge Half-Marathon. Picture: SUBMITTED - Credit: Archant

Riverside Runners star Jo O’Regan claimed age-group honours at the Cambridge Half-Marathon yesterday.

O’Regan was first in the F35 category in a time of 1:18.33 and also the second female finisher overall.

A number of other runners from Riverside set new personal bests. They were Michael Ball (1:21.55), Edmund Bishanga (1:24.30), Rob Parsons (1:26.46), James Woods (1:33.02), Clare Jenkins (1:37.33), Andy Pateman (1:46.15), Kirsty Middleton (1:47.29), Andrew Mouldycliffe (1:50.27), Katy Davies (1:57.06), Jill Rose (2:10.48) and Tara Berry (2:46.55).

Huntingdon BRJ Run & Tri were represented in big numbers at the Cambridge event.

There were notable performances from their leading man John Uff and fastest female Shelley Duffy as they both earned championship entries into the London Marathon.

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Uff finished 22nd out of 8,355 runners in 1:13.29 while Duffy clocked 1:29.53 to be the 34th lady home.

Rob Farrant also produced an excellent performance to finish inside the top 100. He was 94th in 1:19.34.

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Other BRJ runners at Cambridge were Cy Gearing (1:24.09), Chirag Godhania (1:26.00), Peter Galpin (1:26.16), Neil Jarvis (1:26.47), Neil Pope (1:26.59), Guy Forster (1:26.59), Marc Wall (1:28.40), Mark Elliott (1:29.13), David Ward (1:29.44), Alexander Brook (1:31.53), Marco Wassersleben (1:34.44), Andrew Phillips (1:35.00), Ricardo Miller (1:36.40), Joe Leonard (1:36.53), John Parker (1:38.26), Thomas Mann (1:38.43), Ian Shipley (1:39.03), Frank Holmes (1:39.24), Alice Synge (1:39.25), Richard Parker (1:40.29), Hanna Brickell (1:41.31), George Brooks (1:41.40), Andrew Skea (1:41.41), Anna Douglas (1:43.17), John Clark (1:43.47), Felicity Parker-Seale (1:46.18), Jane Roberts (1:46.24), Paula Elliott (1:47.50), Michele Dean (1:48.07), Ruth Foster (1:49.17), Jude Newham (1:50.37), Alex Howard (1:51.11), Paul Mitton (1:51.36), Cheryl Hannibal (1:52.59), Danielle Lovell (1:55.43), Ciona Sutton (1:56.09), Dan Ainscow (1:57.09), Matthew Cann (1:58.02), Ian Wilson (1:59.35), Clive Best (1:59.59), Anthony Foster (2:00.36), Mike Gullis (2:01.57), Jacqui Moore (2:02.54), Kathryn Heath (2:07.01), Colin West (2:07.29), Rachel Miller (2:11.39), Sarah-Jane Gardener (2:11.40), Melanie Gearing (2:13.05), Linda Crook (2:13.40), Hon-Wai Pang (2:19.03), Claire Few (2:19.53), Kate Ruddock (2:20.01), Julie Holmes (2:20.04), Janet John (2:21.11), Jonathon Eason (2:22.37), Katherine Ireson (2:23.27), Sarah Oakley-Mudge (2:27.54), Joanna Cooper (2:27.55), Kelly Robinson (2:33.42), Jade Wren (2:34.19), Georgina Godby (2:38.49), Jane Ainscow (2:39.31).

* Three Riverside members took part in the Tokyo Marathon yesterday.

Rodrigo Santos finished in 2:40.40, Gary Reader clocked 4:01.07 (taking more than 24 minutes off his personal best) and Stephen Ferguson completed in 5:53.00.

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