Home draw for holders Godmanchester Rovers in Hunts Senior Cup

Godmanchester Rovers celebrate their Hunts Senior Cup success last season.

Godmanchester Rovers celebrate their Hunts Senior Cup success last season. - Credit: Archant

Godmanchester Rovers will launch the defence of their Hunts Senior Cup crown with a home date against St Neots Town Saints.

Rovers lifted the trophy back in May with a 3-0 final destruction of Yaxley in the final match of the reign of former bosses Nev Nania and Matty Haniver.

The top team in the county, St Neots Town, go to Yaxley in the first round of a competition in which matches are now to be played midweek. First round ties must be completed by October 7.

The county association has released the draws for the opening rounds of all its senior and junior cups.

Hunts Senior Cup

First round: Yaxley v St Neots Town, Godmanchester Rovers v St Neots Town Saints, Eynesbury Rovers v Huntingdon Town. Bye: St Ives Town.

Hunts Intermediate Cup

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First round: Godmanchester Rovers Res v Somersham Tn.

Second round: Stilton v Bluntisham Rangers, Sawtry v AFC Stanground, ICA Sports v Brampton, Huntingdon Town Res v Eaton Socon, Yaxley Under 21s v Eynesbury Rovers Under 21s, Warboys v Fenstanton, Riverside v Godmanchester Rovers Res/Somersham Tn, Hemingfords Utd v Needingworth Utd.

Hunts Junior Cup

First round: Stanground Sports v Farcet, Houghton & Wyton v Sawtry Res, Eaton Socon Res v Ramsey, Buckden v St Ives Rangers, Eynesbury Rovers ‘A’ v Stilton Res.

Hunts Lower Junior Cup

First round: Buckden Res v Huntingdon Rovers, Needingworth Utd Res v Stanground Sports Res, AFC Barley Mow v Warboys Tn Res, ICA Sports ‘A’ v Fenstanton Res, Eaith Utd v AFC Stanground Res, Hemingfords Utd ‘A’ v Alconbury Res, Parkside Res v Paxton Utd Res, Offord Utd v Eaton Socon ‘A’.

Hunts Sunday Cup

First round: AFC Allbright v Cardea Res, Haywain v Hemingfords Under 21s, LP Wanderers v Parkside, Premiair v Woodston Rovers.

Second round: AFC Stanground v Parkside Res, AFC Allbright/Cardea Res v Queen’s Head, Golden Knight v Premiair/Woodston Rovers, Moorhen Res v LP Wanderers/Parkside, ICA Sports v Cardea, Moorhen v Catworth, The Dragoon v Haywain/Hemingfords Under 21s, Alconbury v Farcet.

Hunts Under 18 Cup

First round: St Neots Tn v Stanground Sports, Eynesbury Rovers Blue Under 17 v Kimbolton Under 17.

Second round: Sawtry Yellow Sox v Eynesbury Rovers White Under 17, Yaxley v St Neots Town NERF, Godmanchester Rovers Under 17 v Eaton Socon Under 17, St Ives Rangers Blue Sox Under 17 v Huntingdon Tn, Riverside v Godmanchester Rovers, St Neots Tn/Stanground Sports v St Ives Tn, Eynesbury Rovers White v Eynesbury Rovers Blue Under 17/Kimbolton Under 17, Stukeley Meadows Under 17 v Eynesbury Rovers.

Hunts Under 16 Cup

First round: Brampton Spartans v Hemingford Red, Hampton Blue v Somersham Tn Black, Little Paxton Navy v Eaton Socon, Huntingdon Rowdies Green v St Ives Rangers White Sox, St Ives Rangers Blue Sox v Needingworth, Somersham Tn Gold v Fenstanton, Warboys v Huntingdon Rowdies White, Stanground Sports v Hemingford White. Byes: St Neots Tn, Godmanchester Rovers, Yaxley Blue, Hemingford Black, Yaxley Lynx, Little Paxton White, St Neots Town Sky, Alconbury.

Hunts Under 15 Cup

First round: Parkside v Huntingdon Rowdies, Hemingford Red v Bluntisham Blasters White, Riverside v St Neots Tn Navy, Brampton Spartans v St Neots Tn, Godmanchester Rovers White v Somersham Tn, Godmanchester Rovers Blue v Sawtry Blue Sox, Staploe & Duloe v Sawtry Yellow Sox, Bluntisham Blasters Blue v Ramsey Hawks, Little Paxton v Gransden, Alconbury v Stanground Sports, Yaxley v Hampton Royal.

Hunts Under 14 Cup

First round: KC Cougars v Staploe & Duloe, gransden v Eynesbury Rovers, Godmanchester Tn White v Priory Parkside Black, Alconbury Red v Riverside, St Ives Rangers Blue Sox v South Peterborough, Huntingdon Rowdies v ICA Sports Foxes, Fenstanton v St Ives Rangers Black Sox, Godmanchester Rovers Blue v Somersham Tn Gold, Needingworth v Warboys, Sawtry Yellow Sox v Phoenix, Hampton v Alconbury Blue, Ramsey Falcons v St Neots Tn Navy. Byes: Buckden Falcons, Stilton, Little Paxton, Stanground Sports.

Hunts Under 13 Cup

First round: Priory Parkside Yellow v Little Paxton, Bluntisham Blasters White v Warboys Red, St Ives Rangers Black Sox v Fenstanton, Huntingdon Rowdies v Gransden, Priory Parkside White v Alconbury Red, Brampton Spartans v Godmanchester Tn. Byes: KC Couagrs, Somersham Tn, Stukeley Meadows, St Neots Tn Sky, Riverside, Warboys Black, Priory Parkside Black, Staploe & Duloe, Eynesbury, Sawtry Blue Sox.

Hunts Under 12 Cup

First round: Huntingdon Rowdies v St Ives Rangers Black Sox, St Ives Rangers Blue Sox v KC Cougars, Eynesbury Rovers v St Neots Tn Navy, Warboys Black v Brampton Spartans, Hampton Navy v Ramsey Comets, Stanground Sports v riverside, Fenstanton v Somersham Tn, Sawtry Blue Sox v Hampton Blue, Yaxley Blue v Hempsted Utd, FC United Hammers v Woodston Dynamo, Alconbury Blue v Godmanchester Blue, St Ives Rangers White Sox v Needingworth, Little Paxton v St Neots Tn, Hampton Royal v Park Farm Pumas Red, Ramsey Trojans v Warboys Red. Bye: Godmanchester Rovers White.