Hazelden wins Round Two of Winter League

Angling with Stan and Fizz


FISHED on the River Nene at Oundle, Round Two proved how competitive and unpredictable the winter league is likely to be this year.

Hotrods’ Jon Hazelden drew a peg in the same section as the two previous years and once again made full use of the river near the footbridge to land close to 14lb of fish for top spot.

Peterborough’s Mike Kirby was second on a day when his team were the winners, ahead of Sensas Mark One and Browning Hotrods. The top two teams in the last round, Maver Bait-Tech and Fox Match Stanjay Gold, were equal fourth.

RESULT (Individual): 1 Jon Hazelden Browning Hotrods 13lb 1oz; 2 Mike Kirby Garbolino Peterborough 10lb 14oz; 3 Danny Hall Sensas Mark One 9lb 2oz; 4 Tim Nash Browning Hotrods 9lb; 5 Paul Green Garbolino Peterborough 8lb 1oz.

Teams on Day: 1 Garbolino Peterborough 30pts; 2 Sensas Mark One 31; 3 Browning Hotrods 33pts; =4 Maver Bait-Tech & Fox Match Stanjay Gold 35pts.

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League: 1 Garbolino Peterborough 4pts; 2 Maver Bait-Tech 5pts; 3 Fox Match Stanjay Gold 6pts; =4 Browning Hotrods & Sensas Mark One 7pts; 6 Fox Match Stanjay Red 12pts.


THE finish could not have been closer, despite there being less fish than last week for the anglers.

Stan Binge led for most of the match until Matt Roberts hooked into a 2lb 14oz perch in the final minutes to snatch the win. Roberts’ perch was only 1oz below the Godmanchester club record held by Binge.

RESULT: 1 Matt Roberts Fox Match Stanjay 5lb 5oz; 2 Stan Binge Fox Match Stanjay 5lb 4oz; 3 Mark Dickerson Fox Match Stanjay 1lb 7oz


ONLY small weights were landed in Sunday’s match fished at Copalder, with Dick Denson winning the day.

RESULT: 1 Dick Denson 15oz; 2 D Allen 13oz; 3 B Port 11oz.


GEORGE Coles won the waggler-only match last Sunday on the Narrows by just an ounce and a half, with 7lb 3oz.

RESULT: 1 George Coles 7lb 3oz; 2 T Hudson 7lb 1 � oz; 3 Paul Kilby 6lb 11oz.


STEVE Cox was top rod in Sunday’s match with 10lb 8oz.

RESULT: 1 Steve Cox 10lb 8oz; 2 Chris Geeson 9lb 11oz; 3 Mick Andrews 7lb 7oz.


PEG 13 proved lucky for Dennis Holliday when he won Tuesday’s Golden Rod match.

RESULT: 1 Dennis Holliday Biggleswade 38lb 12oz; 2 John Rutter Royston 33lb 5oz; 3 George Tebb Bury St Edmunds 32lb 8oz.


TONY Watling doubled up with two wins at Cross Drove in the last week.

RESULT: Wednesday: 1 Tony Watling Fox Match Stanjay 72lb 3oz; 2 Alan Tuck VDE 63lb 11oz; 3 Mark Pollard Dynamite Fox Match Stanjay 60lb 8oz.

Saturday: 1 Tony Watling Fox Match Stanjay 48lb 1oz; 2 Andy Leathers Browning Hotrods 45lb 8oz; 3 Mark Pollard Fox Match Dynamite 44lb.

Sunday: 1 Adam Hayward Cross Drove 47lb 8oz; 2 Ray Smart Norwich 44lb 8oz; 3 Robert Hubbard DAD 40lb 14oz.


ROUND One of the Winter Teams of Four took place on Sunday with a win for Shipshape Tackle A team, ahead of Anglers Corner Gold.

RESULT: 1. Jimmy Brooks Anglers Corner Gold 77lb 15oz.



Cross Drove Fishery – Qualifier – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10am-4pm.


Godmanchester AS – Saturday Open Match – Draw 12.30pm – Fish 1.15pm-6pm.

St Neots AS – Pocket Park-Draw 9am – Fish 10am-3pm.

Cross Drove Fishery – Qualifier – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10am-4pm.


East Midlands Winter League – Practice Match – River Cam – Draw Lion & Lamb, Milton.

Ramsey AS – Narrows (waggler-only) – Draw 8am – Fish 9am-2pm.

St Ives AS – Contact Chris Geeson.

Benwick AC – Chapel Farm – Halfpenny Toll.

Cross Drove Fishery – Qualifier – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10am-4pm.

Head Fen – Teams of Four Winter League – Round 2 – Draw 8.30am – Fish 10am-4pm.


Lawn Farm – Golden Rod Match – Honeysuckle Lake – Draw 9am – Details 01954 718269.


Cross Drove Fishery – Qualifier – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10am-4pm.