Happy return for Roberts at Cromwell Lake

MATT Roberts won Wednesday evening’s well-attended match, having just returned to match fishing after a gap of several years.


MATT Roberts won Wednesday evening’s well-attended match, having just returned to match fishing after a gap of several years.

He caught 24lb 4oz from peg 26 to finish ahead of Brian Gibson and Paul Hendy.

Ricky Ashwell still leads the series with the last match this week, and a close contest for second between Steve Ashwell and Stan Binge.

RESULT: 1 Matt Roberts Cromwell Lake 24lb 14oz, 2. Brian Gibson Fox Match Stanjay 18lb 13oz 3. Paul Hendy Fox Match Stanjay 12lb 12oz.

Saturday Open

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FISHING was very hard on Saturday with the weather heavy and thundery. Graeme Worker caught top weight with two fish for 19lb 1oz. Geordie Best was second and Stan Binge third.

RESULT: 1. Graeme Worker Fox Match Stanjay 19lb 1oz, 2. Geordie Best 17lb 6oz, 3. Stan Binge Fox Match Stanjay 13lb 9oz, 4. Matt Roberts Cromwell Lake 9lb 8oz.

There is no Saturday match this week, but sweepstakes will resume next week.


THE last Thursday evening match of the year was won by Paul Ashcroft, with five pounds of skimmers. Chris Geeson and Jon Maling took second and third places.

RESULT: 1. Paul Ashcroft 5lb, 2. Chris Geeson 3lb 14oz, 3. Jon Maling 3lb 10oz.

Sunday’s match was fished with Brampton at Sewells Lake and was won by Tony McGregor.

RESULT: 1. Tony McGregor 11lb 4oz, 2. Nigel Pankhurst 7lb, 3. Nick Marriott 6lb 6oz.

Claud Smith Junior Match

THE clear conditions last Wednesday made catching very difficult at the Claud Smith junior match.

RESULT: 1. Samuel Krsmanoic 9 � oz, 2. Brandon Hubbard 1 � oz, 3. Callum Wing 1oz, 4. Dan Chapman � oz


SUNDAY’S match was fished at a very weedy Burtons Bank and all the top weights included tench. Winner Terry Tye caught three in his 10lb 11oz.

RESULT: 1. Terry Tye 10lb 11oz, 2.Tony Ingram 8lb 12oz, 3. R. Denson 7lb 8oz.


JOHN Pratt from Great Paxton won last Tuesday’s Golden Rod match using paste on the pole to catch 55lb 12oz of carp.

RESULT: 1. John Pratt Great Paxton 55lb 12oz, 2. Bob Gill St Neots 50lb 8oz, 3. Mick Burge St Neots 42lb 12oz.


SUNDAY’S match was the ladies’ Doreen Bladen Memorial, and fishing was very hard to begin with after the overnight rain. Lynda Goodrum caught a good net of small tench and silver fish to weigh in 5lb 4oz and win the match.

RESULT 1. Lynda Goodrum 5lb 4oz, =2 Ann Lofty & Paula Last 1lb 1oz.


DAVE Pearce Junior set a new lake match record on Sunday. He weighed in 165lb 3oz from peg 47 which had also seen the winning weight on Saturday for Mark Pollard.

Wednesday: 1. Jim Barrowman Fox Lewis’s World 93lb 6oz, 2. Martin Woods Emneth 92lb 14oz, 3. Ray King Lewis’s Anglers World 61lb 8oz.

Saturday: 1. Mark Pollard Fox Dynamite Match Stanjay 54lb 4oz, 2. Dave Pearce Jnr Wisbech 54lb 4oz, 3. Darren Hart Cross Drove 53lb 14oz.

Sunday: 1. Dave Pearce Jnr Wisbech 165lb 3oz, 2. Alan Tuck VDE 76lb 2oz, 3. Dave Pearce Snr Wisbech 72lb 10oz.


Saturday – Snake Lake

RESULT: 1. Geoff Arnold Suffolk’s Finest 77lb 6oz, 2. Dave Rodwell Shipshape Tackle 68lb 10oz, 3. Bob Coulson Suffolk’s Finest 66lb

Sunday – Trev’s Lake

RESULT: 1. Adam Playford Lewis’s Anglers World 57lb 4oz, 2. Martin Allen Anglers Corner 41lb, 3. Trevor Oakman Fox Match Stanjay 40lb.