Groundsman Allan Dalrymple is Rowdies’ real hero

THIS month’s Coversure Hunts Post Unsung Hero is a recently retired 65-year-old Scot who anyone who visits Jubilee Park from time to time is bound to know.

Allan Dalrymple has been involved with Huntingdon Rowdies since the youth football club was formed in 1980 … that’s 32 years! And since the Rowdies linked up with Huntingdon Town Football Club following the move to Jubilee Park, Allan has been looking after their United Counties League standard pitch, too.

Up at the crack of dawn every day – Allan is chucked out of the house by his wife, grabs a coffee, and starts work there as groundsman.

As well as the main pitch, there are three further pitches and some mini-soccers pitches at the King’s Ripton Road complex. But Allan dedicates his time there for free and says it’s a pleasure to do so.

“I do it for the kids but also because I love it,” said the man who moved to Huntingdonshire in 1979 and began helping out the Rowdies when they were playing on the Riverside pitches in Huntingdon.

Talking to The Hunts Post at Jubilee Park where his pitch marking routine had been delayed by a sudden downpour on Tuesday morning, he said: “It’s a community thing – community football is very important and anything I can do to help out I will.”

Almost embarrassed by his nomination, Allan, who is pictured with his trophy which was presented to him at Jubilee Park by Ross Wilkes from sponsors Coversure, asked The Hunts Post to thank Susan Mulchy, who put his name forward for the �100 prize. Susan told us: “For many years the boys would have to change on the side of the pitch while Allan battled to get better facilities - which I am glad to say he achieved.

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“He was never one to back out of a challenge and if something needed doing he got on and did it even through his ill health.

“I am glad to have known him for more years than I care to mention. I therefore feel that he thoroughly deserves recognition.”

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