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WITH no match on Saturday – 16 of us went down to Hemel Hempstead, donned our army fatigues, loaded up our paintball guns – and did a bit of team bonding.

And I’ll tell you something for nothing. Paintball’s hurt!

We joined up with others that were there and it was madness – 30 versus 30 and there were paintballs flying everywhere. But then, I guess that is the idea.

It was an outdoor site – not one of the indoor ones - and after I had got shot in the leg for the third time in the exactly same spot I decided I was better off hiding behind a fence.

From there I could watch our team’s tactics – and I did note that Adrian Sears was behaving like a bit of a nutter, going all out to attack the other side and putting his whole body on the line, while Lewis Webb seemed to be hanging back and attacking his own side from behind. He was even targeting the marshals at one point. There’s teamwork for you.

It was a great day out and we all had a lot of fun – it’s important to get the team together for a bit of bonding occasionally, especially when you are going through such a quiet period as we are with games being called off right, left and centre.

The lads stayed there for about three hours but I left early to go and see Rugby Town versus Sutton Coldfield in the FA Trophy. I’d got bored behind my fence and fancied a bit of excitement.

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Unfortunately, I didn’t get any excitement watching that 1-1 draw.

One of either Rugby or Sutton will play us in the FA Trophy on Saturday 22 but that and they were due to play their replay on Tuesday evening.

It wasn’t the greatest match, to be fair – but it was good to see them both in the flesh and hopefully that will give us a bit of an advantage when whichever one of them it is visits the Hunts Post Community Stadium on Saturday week.

But first we have our game against Northwood to look forward to – and, as a scheduled Southern League match without any cup competitions to get in the way, nothing can stop that one happening… Well, nothing except four hours of solid rain on the Saturday morning that is.