Greene Shoots: Saints are flying high again

IN this week’s column, the St Neot’s manager is pleased that his forwards have found their shooting boots again - and they prepared to land in Bedfont.

I was really pleased with the way we beat Chertsey Town on Saturday – and I am hoping that we can score another hatful of goals at Bedfont Town this Saturday – after all, they are bottom of the division and we have ambitions to be at the top.

Bedfont have a lovely pitch down there near Heathrow – well, it’s almost in Heathrow to be fair – so that suits our game and we will be able to play the ball on the floor and avoid the aeroplanes above.

The first time I went down to watch Bedfont play at their ground, I don’t mind telling you I got a bit of a shock. It’s a nice set up they have there but as you are driving towards it, suddenly there’s a plane a 15 metres above your car, and you are half expecting it to crash land on the pitch. It’s quite a sight.

It’s loud too – during the game there will be many roars – but they won’t be coming from the home fans if we have our way.

Go and have a look at their ground on Google Maps now – go on, you’ll be amazed how close it is to the airport.

The pitch is less than half a mile away from one of the runways – just outside the Southern Perimeter Road. It’s quite something.

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My lads won’t get distracted though – they have a job to do and over the last week they have been excellent. We beat Chertsey 7-0 on Saturday and all my main goalscorers got in on the action – again. Stefan Moore, Dan Jacob and Sahne Tolley all got two and Lewis Hilliard got one. And against Leighton the Tuesday before, Hilliard and Jacob got one each and Tolley got two again.

That’s the kind of ratio I want from my forwards, thank you...

Tt was good to score all those goals in front of our fans on Saturday; they keep turning up week in, week out and supporting us. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to compete at this level, let alone aim to be competing at the level above.

We are now right back in the race thanks to those goals – and the fans, of course – and we still have games in hand. If you add two wins for those games then no-one can go above us.

And that’s what we all want: St Neots Town at the top of the Southern League Division Central table pushing hard for promotion – and winning games 4-0, 5-0, 6-0 and even 7-0.

Flying high, indeed. I must warn Michael Duggan to be careful with his goalkicks this weekend...