Great catches at annual Irish fishing festival

Angling with Stan and Fizz


IT is the Irish Fishing Festival Season with many local anglers making their traditional pilgrimage.

Browning Hotrods Andy Leathers, from St Neots, had a fantastic two weeks. Incredibly, after winning the Mahons Festival last year, he was the overall winner again.

Week two was the Classic - an event in which success had previously eluded Leathers. But, after two very good performances on Monday and Wednesday, he went into the final day in third place, hoping for a good draw.

Unfortunately, this was not to be, but a brilliant performance from a very ordinary peg still ensured him third place, his best ever result.

There was also success for Hotrods teammate Lindsay Naylor from Godmanchester in the two day event The King of the Erne.

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On a thrilling final day, a 1.6 kilo fish hooked in the final seconds of the match gave Naylor overall victory by only 1.350kilos.


AFTER missing the last two matches, Brian Gibson returned to the lake and his winning ways with 38lb 2oz from peg 30. The lake fished well with Steve Welford finishing second and Wayne Easey third.

RESULT: 1 Brian Gibson Fox Match Stanjay 38lb 2oz; 2 Steve Welford Browning Hotrods 31lb 5oz; 3 Wayne Easey Cambridge 27lb 6oz; 4 Simon Easey Fox Match Stanjay 23lb 14oz; 5 Graeme Worker Fox Match Stanjay 22lb 15oz.


SUNDAY’S match was fished on Magpie Lake and was won by Andrew Wilding with 72lb caught mainly on the feeder. Jon Hazelden finished second and Anthony Williams third.

RESULT: 1 Andrew Wilding 72lb; 2 Jon Hazelden 63lb 10oz; 3 Anthony Williams 42lb 10oz.


IT was the two anglers who had travelled furthest who took the top places in Thursday’s open match. Ken Hannan from Manchester caught 15lb 5oz from peg eight.

Bob Stobart’s trip from London gave him second place and Graham Marsh was third.

RESULT: 1 Ken Hannan 15lb 5oz; 2 Bob Stobart 6lb 3oz; 3 Graham Marsh 4lb 6oz.


SUNDAY’S Plumb-It Challenge saw two previous winning teams Spitfires and Wagon & Horses drawn against each other.

The practice that Spitfires had put in during open matches proved useful as they won easily on the day with only M Nicholson from the Wagon preventing a clean sweep.

RESULT: 1 Ken Hannan Spitfires 12lb 15oz; 2 M Nicholson Wagon & Horses 5lb; 3 Bob Stobart Spitfires 3lb 6oz.

Teams: Spitfires 23lb 10oz – Wagon & Horses A 7lb 3oz.


ROGER Dickerson won last week’s golden rod match on Honeysuckle Lake with 46lb 6oz of carp. Audrey Abbott took second spot with Tony Ballam third.

RESULT: 1 Roger Dickerson Cambridge 46lb 6oz; 2 Audrey Abbott Hartford 39lb 5oz; 3 Tony Ballam Sawston 32lb 12oz.


THERE was a small turnout for this week’s match on Jay Lake with Pete Holland continuing his winning ways weighing in 129lb 1oz caught shallow on pellet.

RESULT: 1 Pete Holland Ramsey AS 129lb 1oz; 2 Kev Peacock JVAC 87lb 9oz; 3 Chris Saunders JVAC 59lb 12oz; 4 Matt Roberts Fox Match Stanjay 55lb 12oz.


Last week’s OAP Open match saw a win for John Pratt from Nigel Baxter and Vince Hull.

RESULT: 1 John Pratt 89lb 13oz; 2 Nigel Baxter 86lb; 3 Vince Hull 74lb 12oz.


RESULT (May 11): 1 Bruno Norman Kevs Tackle 100lb 12oz; 2 Richard Bond Bury 87lb 2oz; 3 Kevin Kingston Miles 77lb. May 14: 1 James Hardy Cross Drove 61lb 7oz; 2 Neil Parkison Dynamite Middy 59lb 2oz; 3 Stuart Payne DAD 56lb. May 15: 1 Tom Cole Ouse Valley Angling 113lb 10oz; 2 Simon Easey Fox Match Stanjay 86lb 14oz; 3 Neil Parkinson Dynamite Middy 86lb 13oz.



Cromwell Lake – Wednesday Evening Series – Match 1 – Draw 5:30pm – Fish 6-9.

Rookery Farm – OAP Open Match – Jay Lake – Draw 8:45am – Fish 10-4.


Grahams Pond – Open Match – Draw 8.30am – Fish 9.30-3.30 – Phone 01480 351034 or 07879000544.

Rookery Farm Pidley – Open Match – Magpie Lake - Draw 9am – Fish 10-3. Details Roy Whincup 01487 822333.


Cromwell Lake – Saturday Series – Match Ten – Draw 12 noon – Fish 1-6.

Cross Drove – Cross Drove – Qualifier – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10-4.


Grahams Pond – Plumb-It Challenge – Fishy Fun v Wagon & Horses B

Cross Drove – Qualifier – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10-4.

Ramsey AS – Day Ticket Lake – No places available phone Keith Rayment 01487 814077.


Lawn Farm – Golden Rod – Honeysuckle Lake – Draw 9am – Fish 10-3. 01954 718269


Cromwell Lake – Wednesday Evening Series – Match 2 – Draw 5.30pm – Fish 6-9.

Rookery Farm Pidley – OAP Open Match – Draw 8:45am

Cross Drove – Qualifier – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10-4.


Grahams Pond – Open Match – Draw 8.30am – Fish 9.30-3.30 – Phone 01480 351034.

Rookery Farm – Open Match – Draw 9am – Fish 10-3. Details Roy Whincup 01487 822333.