Ivan enjoys great mirror carp catch in Earith, as Green gets good rewards too

Ivan Woodrow with his mirror carp

Ivan Woodrow with his mirror carp - Credit: Archant

Lots of anglers are still out on the banks, especially since the weather has settled, with many enjoying some great catches.

Harry Green shows off his catch

Harry Green shows off his catch - Credit: Archant

Ivan Woodrow has continued his good form, landing a beautiful mirror carp of just over 20lbs from a local syndicate water in Earith.

Harry Green has also continued his success with many great captures whilst fishing the margins at Earith Carp Lakes.

Pre-baiting some margin spots with a few handfuls of bait and waiting for the right moment has paid dividends for Green, whilst using his reliable Sticky Baits Manilla.

Simon Irvine has been having a great time fishing the rivers and drains in Cambridgeshire, first venturing to the River Nene and catching a lovely Barbel on free lined meat.

Simon Irvine with a barbel caught on the Nene

Simon Irvine with a barbel caught on the Nene - Credit: Archant

Trying several different pegs in a short session to locate the fish proved a great tactic for Irvine, who then went to a local Fenland drain to try and target large rudd.

Armed with a loaf of bread as bait it was not long before he landed a beautiful fish of just over 2lb.

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The Fenland drains are a great place to coarse fish now, especially if you enjoy catching big rudd, tench and bream.

Anglers are welcome to call into the St Ives tackle store for more details of what has been going on in the area, with staff more than happy to help.

Simon Irvine with a 2lb 4oz rudd

Simon Irvine with a 2lb 4oz rudd - Credit: Archant

A spokesman said: “We are now open to the public to come in and browse with social distancing guidelines in place. It has been great to see all our customers face to face again and thank everyone for their support in these difficult times.

“Hopefully, we continue to see many anglers smiling again with their latest catches!”

If you would like any more info on the fishing available in the area, then call and speak to staff on 01480 468196. Alternatively check out their website www.stivestackle.co.uk.