Gooddraw weighs in with winning Cromwell catch

Cromwell Lake Saturday s match again saw the lake fishing well with four weights over twenty pounds recorded. The winner was Graham Gooddraw from peg 27 with 53lb 11oz. Simon Dow was a very good second on his first visit to a match at the venue and Ricky

Cromwell Lake

Saturday's match again saw the lake fishing well with four weights over twenty pounds recorded.

The winner was Graham Gooddraw from peg 27 with 53lb 11oz. Simon Dow was a very good second on his first visit to a match at the venue and Ricky Ashwell third this week after last week's record breaking exploits. The 'money back' prize for the best small fish net was shared by Stan and Simon Dow.

RESULT: 1 Graham Gooddraw Brampton 53lb 11oz, 2 Simon Dow 43lb, 3 Ricky Ashwell St Neots 37lb 14oz, 4 Vince Hull 20lb 4oz, 5 Stan Binge VDE Stanjay MG 17lb 6oz

The match last Wednesday was a family affair, with Steve Ashwell finishing just a pound ahead of his son Ricky both weighing over 40lb. Terry Allgood was third.

RESULT: 1 Steve Ashwell St Neots 43lb 3oz, 2 Ricky Ashwell St Neots 42lb 1oz, 3 Terry Allgood 22lb 12oz, 4 Stan Binge VDE Stanjay MG 21lb 5oz

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Nene Summer League

The Orton stretch of the Nene fished amazingly well again on Sunday, although the weedy conditions again made things difficult.

Malcolm Payne won the match individually from peg 480 downstream of Orton Lock with 23lb 4oz of roach caught first on pinkie and then on tares.

The other places were very close with two pounds covering the next five places.

Teamwise, Wades Black were the winners on the day with just 13 points, no angler lower than fourth in their section. The overall league was won by Essex Youth, just one place ahead of Peterborough Blue.

RESULT: (Individual) 1 Malcolm Payne Bourne 23lb 4oz, 2 D Page Peterborough Blue 14lb 8oz, 3 Mick King Wades Black 13lb 14oz, 4 Brain Harding Bourne 13lb

St Neots AC

The pairs match at Lawn Farm last Saturday was won by Chris Young and Melvin Curtis with just one ounce between the second and third pairs.

RESULT: 1 Chris Young & Melvin Curtis 26lb 13oz, 2 Neil Thompson & Mark Dickerson 20lb 8oz, 3 Keith West & Mark Rayner 20lb 7oz

Ramsey AS

The first round of the Coakley Memorial Series was fished on the Forty Foot on Sunday.

RESULT: 1 Vern Edgley 14lb 9oz, 2 Paul Kilby 8lb 5oz, 3 Pete Bass 7lb 12oz

Lawn Farm

the Golden Rod match was fished as a pairs event with Chris Young and Dennis Holliday the winners.

RESULT: 1 Chris Young & Dennis Holliday 49lb 3oz, 2 Mack McFiggins & Mick Burge 43lb 14oz

Grahams Pond

Graham Marsh, after a series of second place finishes, won Sunday's match with 6lb 8oz of small tench from peg 11. There will be some peg closures this week for improvement work.

Head Fen

There were fewer fishing at this weekend's matches with two more anglers qualifying for the finals weekend at the start of September.

Saturday Result: 1 Rob Anstey Cambridge 64lb 4oz, 2 Neil Wallace Cambridge 40lb 2oz, 3 Mark Spivey Peterborough 37lb 10oz

Sunday Result: 1 Matt Collerson Browning Central 112lb 12oz, 2 Ron Cuthbert Spalding 71lb 14oz, 3 Malcolm Spares Newmarket 67lb 6oz

Rob Anstey and Ron Cuthbert qualify.

There are three matches left before the final on Sunday, August 27, Monday, August 28 and Wednesday, August 30.

Rookery Farm - Pidley

Allsorts Match, Sunday: 1 Pete Molesworth 62lb 8oz, 2 Simon Dow 44lb 1oz, 3 Eugene Weetman 35lb 10oz, 4 Paul Dotchin 29lb 6oz

Manderson Trust

A mystery 'monster fish' lurking in the big lake at the Manderson Trust at Over is thought to be a catfish of about 60lb.

There have been several increasingly serious attempts to catch it, and at midnight on Saturday, trust chairman Charlie Flack plus Michael Irons, Peter Kemp and James Gammon snared the fish on a seahook, 60lb trace and using half a tin of luncheon meat as bait.

The fish was played for well over an hour, with the anglers taking turns with the rod until eventually it went to ground in the deepest part of the lake.

At first light one of the party went out on a boat to try to free the line but the fish shed the hook and remained at large.

Although the fishermen all caught several carp, there was no more catfish action.

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