Gibson on course for first despite Ashwell pressure

Cromwell Lake THE penultimate match in the Leeda Wednesday Series was won by Ian Benton from peg 26 with 24lb 1oz. Brian Gibson maintained his lead in the series with 16lb 2oz for second and Keith Ellington came third. RESULT: 1 Ian Benton Stanjay MG 24lb

Cromwell Lake

THE penultimate match in the Leeda Wednesday Series was won by Ian Benton from peg 26 with 24lb 1oz.

Brian Gibson maintained his lead in the series with 16lb 2oz for second and Keith Ellington came third.

RESULT: 1 Ian Benton Stanjay MG 24lb 11oz, 2 Brian Gibson Browning Stanjay 16lb 2oz, 3 Keith Ellington 11lb 12oz, 4 Ricky Ashwell 6lb 8oz.

The final match in the series is to be fished today (Wednesday). Although Brian Gibson has led the series from match one - no small achievement on a water that he had never fished previously and with unpredictable conditions - both Steve and Ricky Ashwell could still finish ahead of him with the right combination of results.

Saturday's Little and Large Match was again won by Ian Benton, who caught 17lb 13oz from peg five to finish just two ounces in front of Ricky Ashwell.

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Mark Dickerson was third on weight and also equal with Ricky in the overall points match on the day for the combination of small and big fish nets.

Best small fish prize went to Terry Allgood, who weighed in 5lb 9oz.

Brampton AS

BRAMPTON'S match men have been enjoying some good sport at Sewells Lake in recent weeks. Alternating between a waggler and a whip, Colin Oliver comprehensively won Sunday's BL Rosebowl with 16lb 6oz.

RESULT: 1 Colin Oliver 16lb 6oz, 2 Kevin Peacock 11lb 5.5oz, 3 Nick Marriott 9lb 8.5oz.

In the Tuesday twilight series, Kevin Peacock has posted some impressive three hour weights to win both rounds so far. In round one he took 11lb to edge out Nick Marriott, and in round two he caught 14lb 14oz to win again.

RESULT (Round 1): 1 Kevin Peacock 11lb, 2 Nick Marriott 10lb 12oz, 3 Paul Irons 5lb 2oz.

(Round 2) 1 Kevin Peacock 14lb 14oz, 2 Paul Irons 13lb 14oz, 3 Nick Marriott 7lb 12oz.

Since the nights seem to be drawing in so quickly, the fourth and final round has been brought forward to Thursday July 26.

Ramsey AS

THE Thursday evening matches this year have been beset by rain and last week's match in the Narrows was no exception. Paul Kilby caught two bream and a tench late in the day to weigh in 12lb 5oz, with Duncan Folkes taking second spot and Harry Young finishing third.

RESULT: 1 Paul Kilby 12lb 5oz, 2 Duncan Folkes 5lb 15oz, 3 Harry Young 4lb 6oz.

Sunday's open match was fished on the high number pegs on the Forty Foot with match secretary Keith Rayment winning with 18lb 6oz. This included four bream caught on the pole. Steve Fryer was second and Harry Young, whose recent form has amazed even Stan, was third.

RESULT: 1 Keith Rayment 18lb 6oz, 2 Steve Fryer 13lb 14oz, 3 Harry Young 9lb 6oz.

St Ives AS

WE HAVE two weeks of results from St Ives. The Thursday Coote Cup match on July 12 was won by Chris Geeson, with 6lb 4oz. Tony McGregor was second and Colin Leach finished third.

RESULT: 1 Chris Geeson 6lb 4oz, 2 Tony McGregor 5lb 6oz, 3 Colin Leach 5lb.

Sunday July 15 saw a victory for Ray Myring, beating Chris Geeson by just one ounce, with Colin Leach third.

RESULT: 1 Ray Myring 6lb 3oz, 2 Chris Geeson 6lb 2oz, 3 Colin Leach 5lb 7oz.

Fishing was hard last Thursday evening, with the weather building up to the deluge on friday. Paul Ashcroft was the winner, narrowly ahead of Chris Geeson.

RESULT: 1 Paul Ashcroft 2lb 8oz, 2 Chris Geeson 2lb 6oz.

With the river highly coloured and flowing fast, bream showed again in B section, with Chris Geeson winning with 17lb 11oz.

Paul Ashcroft was second with 11lb 15oz and Ray Myring came third with a catch including a beautiful 2lb 4oz rudd.

RESULT: 1 Chris Geeson 17lb 11oz, 2 Paul Ashcroft 11lb 15oz, 3 Ray Myring 7lb 4oz.

Colin Leach is the latest St Ives angler tempted to advertise his fishing tackle after failing to catch in the previous two matches.

Grahams Pond

FISHING in Saturday's match was affected by the torrential rain on Friday. Chris Mardlin was the winner with 5lb 13oz. Stuart Reedman finished second and Bob Stobart came in third.

RESULT: 1 Chris Mardlin 5lb 13oz, 2 Stuart Reedman 5lb 10oz, 3 Bob Stobart 3lb 14oz.

There was also an overnight charity match on Saturday/Sunday, with the proceeds going to the Hansel and Gretel play group. Despite the weather a total of 76lb 12oz was caught, with the playgroup benefiting to the tune of £300.

Rookery Farm

LAST week's OAP Open was won by Dave Farrugia with 64lb 1oz from peg 39.

Pete Norris was a close second with 60lb 6oz with Roger Abbott, Ray Myring and John Dighton in the minor places.

RESULT: 1 Dave Farrugia 64lb 1oz, 2 Pete Norris 60lb 6oz, 3 Roger Abbott 40lb 9oz, 4 Ray Myring 39lb 7oz, 5 John Dighton 31lb 7oz.

Lawn Farm

LAST Monday evening's match was won by Tony Watling, with 43lb 8oz from peg 23 with Danny Fung in second and Clive Cole finishing third.

RESULT: 1 Tony Watling 43lb 8oz, 2 Dany Fung 38lb, 3 Clive Cole 27lb 4oz.

Tuesday's Golden Rod match saw a win for Mick Burge from St Neots. Lillian Wells finished second, and Derek Kendrew came in third.

RESULT: 1 Mick Burge 27lb 4oz, 2 Lillian Wells 20lb 5oz, 3 Derek Kendrew 19lb 12oz.

Godmanchester AS

EVEN with the unusual weather and water conditions, roach are showing well on the main river on the Recreation Ground.

Browning Stanjay's Jon Hazelden is in top form after a pleasure session last week which produced 12-15lbs of quality roach and smallish chub.

Try Fishing!

A REMINDER of the second fishing day for novices of all ages run by the Environment Agency that takes place at Manor Farm Biggleswade on Saturday. Phone 01767 317865.

Fishing Fixtures


Cromwell Lake - Leeda Wednesday Series - Match 10 - Draw 5.30pm - Fish 6pm-dusk.

Rookery Farm Pidley - OAP Match - Rook Lake - Draw 9am - Fish 10am-4pm - Booking 01480 501487/01480 822980.


St Ives AS - Coote Cup Round 6 - C Section - Draw 6pm - Fish 6.30pm-dusk (phone Chris to confirm exact venue).

Ramsey AS - Thursday Tankard - Ramsey St Marys

Brampton AS - Twilight Series - Round 4 - Draw 5.30pm.


Cromwell Lake - Little & Large Series Match 5 - Draw 12 noon - Fish 1-6pm (two keepnets needed)

St Neots AS - Chris Rayner Memorial - Meet at Pony Field - Draw 9am - Fish 10am-3pm.

Grahams Pond - Open Match & King of the Pond Qualifier - Draw 8.30am - Fish 9am-2pm Booking 01480 351034.


Nene Summer League - Orton Up & Down - Draw 8am Cherry Tree.

Ramsey AS - Morgan Cup- Draw 7.30am - Fish 8.30am-1.30pm.

Brampton AS - Frank Ingram Rosebowl - Sewells Lake - Draw 8.30am.

Benwick AC - Copalder - Draw 7am - Fish 8am-1pm.

St Ives AS - Jack Hall Shield - A Section - Draw 7am - Fish 8am-1pm - Please phone Chris Geeson to confirm exact venue

Manderson Trust - Tom Legge All about angling Junior Open - Draw 10am - Fish 11am-4pm.


Lawn Farm - Evening Match - Draw 5.30pm - Fish 6pm-dusk - Phone 01954 718269 to book in.


Lawn Farm - Golden Rod Match - Draw 9am - Fish 10am-3pm.


Cromwell Lake - Leeda Wednesday Evening Sweepstake - Draw 5.30pm - Fish 6pm-dusk

Rookery Farm Pidley - OAP Match - Jay Lake - Draw 9am - Fish 10am-4pm - Booking 01480 501487/01480 822980.


St Ives AS - Coote Cup Round 7 - B Section - Draw 6pm - Fish 6.30pm-dusk.

Ramsey AS - Thursday Tankard.