Offord United have been forced to pull out of the Cambs League on the eve of the new season.

Manager Jonny Seekings revealed a shortage of players and a lack of facilities are the reasons behind their exit from Division 3A.

Seekings said: "Since we formed we have always had seven or eight regulars who were playing every week, and another seven or eight who filled in the gaps as and when they were available.

"We had a terrible run of injuries last season which meant we were barely able to get a team out from Christmas onwards. We started pre-season this summer but we're simply not in a position to form a team.

"It's better that we bow out gracefully now rather than get part way through the season and have to fold.

"Added to this, we have no changing facilities at our pitch. We've had fantastic sponsorship from ProActive AV for the last few years as well as a number of grants, which paid the rent on a portable unit, but that money has now run out.

"The club therefore took absolutely the correct decision to funnel the existing sponsorship money into our thriving junior teams.

"This is the where a sustainable Offord United FC will come from in the future, in my view."

Offord won the Division 4A title in the 2014-15 campaign after being runners-up at Division 5B level the previous campaign.