Olympic Games heroine Hannah MacLeod was back where it all began recently.

The star of Great Britain’s triumphant ladies team returned to her first hockey club - St Ives - complete with her gold medal last Friday night.

MacLeod joined St Ives 18 years ago and played for the club at junior and senior levels before progressing in the game.

She spent time with some of her former team mates while also talking to the club’s junior talents.

Speaking at the event, MacLeod said: “I always talk fondly about my time at St Ives as this is where I fell in love with the sport.

“I came to the club at 14 years of age and it is where my journey started.”

And St Ives have honoured MacLeod’s magnificent achievements by introducing a new club accolade bearing her name, which will be presented at the end of each season.

The Hannah MacLeod Trophy will be awarded in recognition of oustanding endeavour, attitude and desire to succeed.