Fishing for all ages and in all weathers out on the Fans and lakes

Lana Bartlett with her haul of roach from the River Great Ouse

Lana Bartlett with her haul of roach from the River Great Ouse. - Credit: ST IVES TACKLE SHOP

Blazing heat or heavy showers hasn't stopped anglers from heading out and picking up plenty of catches.

Simon Irvine travelled up to the Trent in search of Zander and was rewarded with three up to 6lb 9oz on an overnight session. All fish were on tail sections of fresh Roach legered on single barbless hooks.

St Ives Tackle Shop owner Mickey Bartlett went out for a few hours and was rewarded with a Fenland Rudd of 1lb 12oz, float fishing a big lump of bread flake two foot below a pellet waggler.

Adam Bartlett spent an evening on the River Ouse with his eight-year-old daughter Lana fishing with a few maggots once the weather had cooled down.

Lana soon had a net full of small Roach, Hybrids and even the odd Gudgeon after an hour or two fishing.

Mickey Bartlett said: "Taking the kids down to the river for a few hours fishing is a great way to spend the evening during the summer holidays.

"All that’s needed is a basic four-metre whip and a few maggots. Please ask in store if you’d like to have a go."

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