The official start of the predator season for Zander and Pike has coincided with the weather cooling off perfectly.

Ivan Woodrow landed 18 carp over 40lbs on a trip to France.Ivan Woodrow landed 18 carp over 40lbs on a trip to France.

Mike Bartlett found float fishing bluey dead baits in the margins very successful on his first trip to the Fens, rewarding him with a decent sized Zander and a couple of small Pike.

Mickey Bartlett opted for the gravel pits on his first trip of the year and caught a low double at range while ledgering.

Ivan Woodrow returned home from a very good French trip that saw him catch 18 Carp to over 40lbs while Neil Owczarkowski has still been catching fish off the surface at his local club lake despite the cooler weather.

Valius Paskonis has got off to a great start on his Earith Carp Lakes Syndicate catching some lovely Carp on both trips up to 26lb whilst using the Sticky Baits Manilla, good as the colder weather arrives.

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St Neots Angling Club meanwhile have had two competitions over the last two weekends.

The winner of the Nigel Sewell Memorial open match, held at Henbrook Wharf & Woods on Sunday, was Scott Denton with 13 pounds seven ounces.

Graham McFiggin was second with 11lbs and Gary Armiger third.

One week earlier an open match at Treasure Island on the River Great Ouse was claimed by Stuart Cutler with 8lb 4oz.

Mark Dickerson was second and Stuart Curtis third.