FENCING: Success for Huntingdonshire as they overcome Anglian Ruskin University

ARU's Luis Oliveira attacks Ian Coates of Huntingdonshire Fencing Club with a dynamic fleche. Pictur

ARU's Luis Oliveira attacks Ian Coates of Huntingdonshire Fencing Club with a dynamic fleche. Picture: TRACEY COATES - Credit: Archant

The Huntingdonshire Fencing Club squad scored victory in a competitive clash with Anglia Ruskin University.

The contest took place at Kelsey Kerridge sports centre, in Cambridge, and saw Huntingdonshire members take on Anglia Ruskin University in one of a series of events to mark the university’s 25 years of sporting activity in the region.

Teams of men and women fought at all three weapons of foil, epee and sabre in a relay, the first team to reach 45 points being the winner.

Ladies foil kicked off proceedings with the Huntingdonshire team of Tracey Coates, Hannah Smyth and Katie Topple successfully combining youth and experience to victory over an enthusiastic team of ladies from ARU, 45-31.

Meanwhile, on the second of two pistes, the men’s event started with an explosive match for the sabre competition. The more experienced team from Huntingdon slowly drew ahead and looked like convincing winners until ARU got into their stride gaining hit after hit with some skilful cuts to the arm from Felix de Mayo. With the score at 44-44 an attack from de Mayo, who had clawed back a 13-hit deficit, was parried by Nico Ignacio, with his riposte, giving Huntingdonshire a single-point win.

In the epee, both Huntingdonshire teams had convincing wins against ARU. Despite some fast athletic attacks from ARU’s men, the better fencing brains of Tim Bissell, Josh Coates and George Partridge saw a score-line of 45-37. The women epeeists of Tracey Coates, Carole Ashman and Diane Pattison were just too good for the ladies of ARU, reflected in a 45-38 scoreline.

In ladies sabre, however, it was a dominant ARU team who overwhelmed Huntingdonshire. Led by the team captain, Eliza Bujor, they stormed to a 45-29 point win against a keen but inexperienced Huntingdonshire side.

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The final match, men’s foil, saw Ian Coates, Josh Coates and Jacques Portal take on three competitive fencers from ARU. The local proved too strong for their opponents, sealing the match and winning overall scoring 254 points to ARU’s 210.