Fawkes’ bream dream gives him edge on the opposition

Cromwell Lake UNUSUALLY, it was a catch of bream that earned the victory in this week s match at Cromwell Lake. Nigel Fawkes, fishing for the first time in this year s series, drew peg 18 and added a tench and a small carp to his bream haul to weigh in wi

Cromwell Lake

UNUSUALLY, it was a catch of bream that earned the victory in this week's match at Cromwell Lake.

Nigel Fawkes, fishing for the first time in this year's series, drew peg 18 and added a tench and a small carp to his bream haul to weigh in with 30lb 9oz.

Steve Welford was second from peg 31 with a good mixed catch and Graham Gooddraw was third, ahead of Simon Dow.

Steve and Ricky Ashwell took the next two places to maintain their dominance at the top of the series - though another consistent angler, Mark Dickerson, moved into third with yet another small fish prize and seventh place on the day.

RESULT: 1 Nigel Fawkes Sensas Garbolino 30lb 9oz, 2 Steve Welford Browning Hotrods 16lb 8oz, 3 Graham Gooddraw Brampton 14lb 4oz, 4 Simon Dow 10lb 14oz, 5 Steve Ashwell GOT Baits 9lb 11oz.

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The Leeda sponsored Wednesday evening series starts today (Wednesday 9).

Grahams Pond

THE bigger fish did not show in Saturday's open match and the anglers who targeted small fish, especially rudd, did best.

Tim Ablett was the winner with more than 12lb, caught mainly on rod and line, with John Swaim in second and Terry Kelly third.

Ablett also qualifies for the King of the Pond final.

RESULT: 1 Tim Ablett 10lb 8oz, 2 John Swaim 9lb 8oz, 3 Terry Kelly 9lb 4oz.

Sunday was scheduled to be the first of this year's round one matches in the Plumb-It Challenge, but disappointingly Yelling SC did not appear. This gave the Three Horseshoes Southoe an automatic place in round two.

So that the Three Horseshoes anglers did not have a completely wasted day, one of the pond regulars Tony Watling rounded up a team to provide opposition and a friendly match was fished.

RESULT: 1 Bob Stobart 7lb 12oz, 2 John Paplow 6lb 2oz, 3 Chris Mardlin 5lb 4oz.

Lawn Farm

THERE was another good field of 24 anglers for last Tuesday's Golden Rod open, won by Dennis Holliday from Biggleswade with 33lb 4oz.

Audrey Abbott from Huntingdon was second with 29lb 3oz and John Pratt third. Audrey's husband Roger was fourth.

RESULT: 1 Dennis Holliday Biggleswade 33lb 4oz, 2 Audrey Abbott Huntingdon 29lb 3oz, 3 John Pratt Gt Paxton 26lb.

The final round of the teams of four will be fished this Sunday. Just one point separates Garbolino Sensas and Waterside Angling at the top of the league.

Head Fen

THE result of the sixth qualifying match of this year's series was a win for Lee Thornton with 112lb 4oz of carp caught on worm and caster. Carl Gifford was second and Rob Lincoln third.

RESULT: 1 Lee Thornton Head Fen Lakes 112lb 4oz, 2 Carl Gifford Suffolk's Finest 99lb 11oz, 3 Rob Lincoln Browning Stanjay 85lb 4oz, 4 Tony Evans Dynamite Baits 63lb 9oz, 5 Nigel Fawkes Garbolino Sensas 61lb 8oz.

Rookery Farm Pidley

WE HAVE three local results from Rookery farm. The OAP open last Wednesday was won by Dennis Sandbridge with 31lb 12oz, with two pounds covering the next three weights. Roger Abbott was just the best with 25lb 12oz.

RESULT: 1 Dennis Sandbridge 31lb 12oz, 2 Roger Abbott 25lb 12oz, 3 Dennis Holliday 24lb 7oz, 4 Andy Mooney 23lb 10oz.

Ramsey AS - Rook Lake - Sunday May 6

RESULT: 1 Dave Jarrett 40lb 12oz, 2 Paul Rayner 38lb 4oz, 3 Andrew Kilby 31lb 4oz, 4 Terry Moat 18lb 8oz.

BRJ Angling Club - Magpie Lake - Sunday May 6

RESULT: 1 Jon Hazelden 51lb 12oz, 2 Paul Huddlestone 17lb 15oz, 3 Roger Rowley 17lb 13oz.

Fishing fixtures

Today (Wednesday)

Cromwell Lake - Leeda Wednesday Night series - Match 1 - Draw 5.30pm - Fish 6pm-dusk


Cromwell Lake - Close Season £500 qualifying series - Draw 12 noon - Fish 1-6pm (two keepnets needed)

Grahams Pond - Open Match & King of the Pond Qualifier - Draw 8.30am - Fish 9am-2pm Booking 01480 351034

Headfen Lakes - Qualifier 7 - Draw 8.45am - Fish 10am-4pm

Manderson Trust - Trust Disabled Match - members Only - Draw 9am - Fish 10am-3pm


Grahams Pond - Plumb-It Challenge Round 1 - Wagon & Horses v Buckden VC

Headfen Lakes - Qualifier 8 - Draw 8.45am - Fish 10am-4pm

Manderson Trust - Private Match


Lawn Farm - Evening Match - Draw 5.30pm - Fish 6pm-dusk - Phone 01954 718269


Lawn Farm - Golden Rod Match

Wednesday 16

Cromwell Lake - Leeda Wednesday series - Match 2 - Draw 5.30pm - Fish 6pm-dusk

Rookery Farm Pidley - OAP Match - Draw 9am - Fish 10am-4pm - Booking 01487 822980 or 07771 511355.

Ramsey AS

Ramsey, as always, have matches booked for most weekends during the close season mainly at Decoy. There is a mixture of Saturdays and Sundays and there are places available for the match on Saturday at Willow Lake. Contact Keith Rayment on 01487 814077.