Disappointment marks Gold-en day at Valley

Winter League Semi Final SATURDAY S first ever appearance in a semi-final by VDE Stanjay Match group at Gold Valley and Willow Park ended in disappointment, although the day was not without some success. After winning the winter league, despite the trave

Winter League Semi Final

SATURDAY'S first ever appearance in a semi-final by VDE Stanjay Match group at Gold Valley and Willow Park ended in disappointment, although the day was not without some success.

After winning the winter league, despite the travelling and cost entailed, there had been great commitment from the team in getting to grips with two venues and six different lakes.

All the practice had of necessity been done in very cold conditions and although Saturday was still cold, the days during the week when the weather had been warmer encouraged more carp to feed and had subtly changed the fishing.

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We finished 12th of the 14 teams with just the lowest score of the five teams in mid-table. The winning team by quite a distance were local experts Daiwa Dorking. The other qualifiers were Wickford, Blackmoor Vale and Delcac.

Stan had a good day, finishing in the top 10 individually and second on his lake with 32lb 13oz, but he would have happily given up his individual success for a better team result.

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The team would like to thank the many people who helped and gave support.

In Sunday's Semi on the Kennett & Avon Canal the other local representatives, Mark One, finished eighth.

Cromwell Lake

Close Season Series

THE annual close season series starts Saturday 18 March. First prize is a guaranteed £500 with second, third and fourth place prizes depending on the attendance. The top 16 anglers over the series who have fished five matches or more will qualify for the final and there will also be cash prizes and trophies for the top three in the series.

The draw is at noon and fishing will be from 1pm to 5pm. Anglers must have two keepnets, one for fish under 1lb and one for bigger fish.

Last Saturday's match was won by Ray Myring from peg 26, with Graham Goodwin in second place.

Brampton A. S.

AFTER having reached the final stages of last year's club knockout competition, Brampton were disappointed to fall at the first hurdle this year against Hoskins. The match had been moved from the Great Ouse at Littleport because it was fishing so poorly but the Cam at Baitsbite was also hard for many of the anglers.

Colin Oliver, Dave Silsby and John Pratt caught reasonable weights but the Hoskins team managed to catch several bonus fish to win by six points.

March Open

THE final March Open match of the season usually sees catches of twenty pounds plus but the awful weather has affected all the local waters (and many of the anglers). The match was won by Andy Mead with 12lb 9oz from Dan Webb, Brian harding and Rob Lincoln.

RESULT: 1. Andy Mead, 12lb 9lb, 2. Dan Webb, 12lb 5oz, 3. Brian Harding, 10lb 12oz, 4. Rob Lincoln, 10lb 2oz.

Lawn Farm

LAST week's 'golden rod' match was won by St Neots' Chris Young with 22lb 2oz. Cameron Tainsh was second and Keith West third. John King from Royston caught a 4lb perch!

RESULT: 1. Chris Young, St Neots 22lb 2oz, 2. Cameron Tainsh, Willingham 16lb 14oz, 3. Keith West, St Neots 9lb 8oz.

Grahams Pond

AFTER the matches last weekend had to be cancelled because the lake was frozen, the conditions were only marginally better this week, but the two matches went ahead.

On Saturday, Terry Kelly was the winner with a perch of just over a pound and tiny rudd, with John Swain second and Bob Stobart third.

RESULT: 1. Terry Kelly, Horseshoe Spitfires 1lb 8oz, 2. John Swain, Alconbury Mill, 3. Bob Stobart, Horseshoe Spitfires.

Sunday's match was won by Steve Webb with John Swain and Kevin White equal second.



Cromwell Lake Series Match 1 - Draw 12 noon, Fish 1:00 - 5:00 pm (two keepnets needed).

Grahams Pond - Open Match - Draw 8:30 am, Fish 9:00 am - 2:00 pm (01480 351034).


Lawn Farm Teams of Four Match 1

Grahams Pond - Winner takes All Open - Draw 8:30 am, Fish 9:00 - 2:00pm.


Lawn Farm - Golden Rod Open match - Draw 9:00 am, Fish 10:00 am - 3: 00pm.

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