Dickerson wins Eric Miles Memorial

Angling with Stan and Fizz


THE first Saturday open match on the recreation ground for a couple of years was fished last week.

The Eric Miles Memorial was fished in memory of Eric who assisted Stan in the shop for many years.

Conditions were good, with a steady flow and upstream wind and there were roach to be caught.

The top four weights were close, with Mark Dickerson the winner from peg 12. Anthony Watling took second spot and Brian Gibson third.

Matches will continue every Saturday while river conditions are good.

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RESULT: 1 Mark Dickerson Fox Match Stanjay 10lb 12oz; 2 Anthony Watling Fox Match Stanjay 9lb 7oz; 3 Brian Gibson Fox Match Stanjay 9lb 2oz; 4 Jon Hazelden Browning Hotrods 8lb 14oz; 5 Kye Jerrom Browning Hotrods 7lb.


ROUND two will be held on the Nene at Oundle, where an open match was fished on Sunday.

Ricky Young was the winner with 38lb 3oz of bream from near the riverside bridge. Paul Wright caught skimmers for second place and Hotrods Colin Oakman finished third.

RESULT: 1 Ricky Young Browning Hotrods 38lb 3oz; 2 Paul Wright Garbolino 12lb 10oz; 3 Colin Oakman Browning Hotrods 10lb 9oz; 4 Mick Kelly Fox Match Stanjay 10lb 5oz; 5 Stan Binge Fox Match Stanjay 10lb 3 � oz.


ONLY silver fish were caught in the Arthur Wallis Cup on Sunday with Chris Geeson winning and Colin Leach and Sam Wellans in equal second spot.

RESULT: 1 Chris Geeson 7lb 4oz; =2 Colin Leach and Sam Wellans 3lb 4oz.


JUST nine ounces covered the top four places on the Forty Foot in Sunday’s match, which was won by Ivan Steels.

RESULT: 1 Ivan Steels 7lb 6oz; 2 Ray Steels 7lb � oz; 3 Keith Rayment 6lb 14oz; 4 George Coles 6lb 13oz.


TERRY Fairbrother’s net of 7lb 8oz proved enough to take last Sunday’s match.

RESULT:1 Terry Fairbrother 7lb 8oz; 2 Ted Seeby 6lb 15oz; 3 Dave Jarrett 4lb 9oz.


JIM Garetty from Ramsey won last week’s Golden Rod match with 47lb 8oz.

RESULT: 1 Jim Garetty Ramsey 47lb 8oz; 2 Roger Dickerson Cambridge 38lb 6oz; 3 Roger Abbott Huntingdon 32lb 6oz.


Wednesday: 1 Mark Pollard Fox Match Dynamite 79lb 11oz; 2 Rodney Finch Deben 51lb; 3 Jim Barrowman Fox Lewis’s Anglers World 46lb 4oz.

Saturday: 1 Alan Tuck VDE 83lb 5oz; 2 Andy Leathers Browning Hotrods 59lb 5oz; 3 Mark Pollard Fox Match Dynamite 50lb 12oz.

Sunday: 1 Neil Parkinson Dynamite Middy 62lb 6oz; 2 Simon Wheeler Diawa Dynamite 59lb 12oz; 3 Stuart Payne DAD 49lb 15oz.


QUALFIER five was fished on Trevs Lake on Sunday.

RESULT: 1 James Collinson Anglers Corner 25lb 12oz; 2 Jimmy Brooks Anglers Corner 20lb 15oz; =3 Ken Rolfe Fox Match Bills Tackle and Adam Playford Anglers Corner 20lb 2oz.