Dennis Greene - on managing expectations

EXPECTATIONS are high – I am very aware of that, but despite a couple of defeats, I believe we are doing very well so far thank you very much.

If you look at a team like Slough Town – with Tuesday night’s game still to play as I write these words – we are ahead of them in the table.

This is a side that has been in the play-offs for a couple of years – and at the moment we are better than them.

Now I can’t predict the result against Rugby Town – believe me, I wish I could, as I write this we are just one point of the top of the table – and that ain’t bad whatever anyone thinks. We are a new team to this division, and we have much to learn. But we are also confident and believe in ourselves.

There is always room for improvement – at the big clubs as well as the likes of St Neots Town, and we know we can improve, we are always striving to do better.

And that what we shall be working – doing just that – over the next week and a half.

Last night’s home game against Rugby was our last in the league for almost two weeks, so we can use a little time in training to work on a few things that maybe we haven’t been getting totally right yet.

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We will three good sessions between now and our game against AFC Hayes at home on Saturday September 24.

However, we have a friendly game against new club AFC Rushden & Diamonds on Saturday. And that is the kind of game kind of fills up a gap for us and is also a very important for both clubs.

It will give us the chance to try some new things out in a competitive game and it will also bring fans of both clubs together.

Following the demise of Rushden & Diamonds, the original club who did so well to make it into the league only six or seven years ago, some of the supporters got together and launched this new club in the AFC Wimbledon, FC United mould that seems to be quite popular these days.

At the moment AFC are just playing friendlies but are intending to join a league next season and grow their fanbase from their.

While the club are playing friendlies, it is hoped that a link between the two clubs will bring supporters from outside to the Hunts Post Community Stadium.

All the money made from Saturday’s game will go to help fund the new club.

I wish them the best of luck. We’re all football people, after all…