Dennis Greene column: St Neots cannot become complacent

WITH the way we are going at the moment, I can’t really ask much more of the lads.

WITH the way we are going at the moment, I can’t really ask much more of the lads.

After Saturday’s game I just told them to keep up their work-rate, because there’s not really much to add.

However, it is always important to stay on your toes and avoid complacency because that is dangerous – that’s when you slip up.

We need to make sure that we keep collecting the points and the wins while we’re in good form. We’d love it to continue all season, but we have to be realistic and make the best of the run we are on.

I’ve had a look through the fixture list for the season, and I think it’s been quite kind to us. The tough games that you pick out at the start of the year are also fairly well separated, so I don’t really see us losing back-to-back games.

We know who our rivals are going to be – more or less the top six from last year, along with King’s Lynn – and we don’t have any big fixture pile-ups against them.

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One of the things I’ve been pleased with so far is the strength of the squad, and the bench. In each of the matches this season we’ve been able to make three substitutions with no drop in quality, which is very satisfying.

Last season too often we would make changes and they would weaken us, but the players coming off the bench all have something to add. After Saturday, we lost Dan Chillingworth, Will Fordham and Junior Kanuda – but I know the players who come in will be up to the job of replacing them.

The next test for us will be when the pitches start to change as the weather gets worse. We might have to look at the style we play then, and adapt things to suit the conditions. But until then I’m more than happy with the way we are going.