Dean Greygoose not a fan of 'naff' points-per-game method deciding this year's season

Dean Greygoose at the Ely Standard Sports awards in 2012

Dean Greygoose, the new manager of Godmanchester Rovers. - Credit: HELEN DRAKE

Dean Greygoose may not have a definite answer as to what happens next in non-league football - but he is convinced the "naff" points-per-game option should not be it.

The new Godmanchester Rovers boss has yet to take charge of his new club but speaking to HCR104fm radio, he expects the current campaign to be brought to an early end.

He said: "Doing points-per-game is, to use a dodgy phrase, naff. It cheapens the league.

"You win a league by playing 38, 40 games and being the best team come rain and shine and suspensions and injuries and whatever else comes at you. 

"Some have spoken about playing through the summer. I think that will be very difficult. 

"I don’t think they can finish the season and the only way forward for me, probably because it is what I want, is to have some sort of training and games, mini tournaments or friendlies, until the end of April. 

"There is no easy answer. Whatever the FA do they will get stick."