New manager Dean Greygoose says it is his job to get players 'believing in Godmanchester Rovers'

Godmanchester Rovers celebrate a goal

Godmanchester Rovers players need to have pride and respect in themselves, each other and the club says new boss Dean Greygoose. - Credit: DUNCAN LAMONT

Godmanchester Rovers players, both current and future, will have to expect one thing in the coming season - new manager Dean Greygoose will rule with an iron fist, albeit wrapped in a velvet glove. 

The Goddy boss has a certain way of working, instilled from decades of experience in the game and playing in the pro ranks with the likes of Cambridge United. 

There will be fun along the way but of Goddy are going to achieve his goal of promotion to step four, then he wants the players to have pride in themselves, respect for each other and deep-rooted desire to give their all for the club. 

Speaking to Isaac Brindley and Ben Prior of radio station HCR104fm, Greygoose said: "As a player you don’t tend to upset too many people but as a manager you do, that’s just part of the game. 

"I think I’m a nice guy but if I have to be ruthless, I will be.  

"It’s been difficult to get hold of all the players [because of the lockdown] but the ones I have spoken to have been very good. I do know some as they have played for me.  

"It will be like a honeymoon period to start with as we will all be finding each other out.  

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"What will happen is that it will be players who want to play for me will stay and those who don’t want to will go.  

"That’s football, there will be no hissy fits from me.  

"I’m here to do things in a certain way. They don’t train enough in my opinion and that was a big thing when I went in at Mildenhall. The players were unfit.  

"I want to get them training and I’m not saying they won’t play but they will be in danger of not playing if they have holidays in the football season.  

"I’m well known for it.  

"If a youngster comes in and does well, then they will stay in the team.  

"It’s about the whole team, it’s not about me. It’s about the players and the team ethos and everyone fighting for their place.  

"I’m loyal to players if they show me the same loyalty but loyalty is only if they play well.  

"They have to do the business on the pitch but I will back them up, I always have done.  

"But I have to earn the loyalty from the players too. It’s a two-way street and there will be a lot of hard work to start with." 

Meeting the players face to face is something he is looking forward to but with the outcome of the season still shrouded in confusion, a lot of his plans are sitting idle at the minute. 

He said: "It is difficult because until we get a return date, it is difficult to set goals.  

"As soon as we have a set time to come back, I’ll be into the payers and wanting them to come back fit.  

"They need to be aerobically fit or at least a decent standard so we can get the footballs out straight away.  

"I want them on the ball and I want the training to be enjoyable but they have a responsibility to that and need to be in a decent shape.  

"They have a duty of care and respect to the club to stay in a decent shape. As a non-league player I expect them to turn up to training as much as they can, turn up on time and give 100 per cent to the team.  

"It is basic pride in themselves.  

"That is their responsibility and then my responsibility will be to get them motivated in training, motivated for the games and believing in themselves and Godmanchester Rovers."