HUNTINGDON’s Thomas Verdicchio is fast becoming one of the country’s hot prospects on a trampoline.

The 12-year-old, who is coached by his father Paul Verdicchio at the Rotations Trampoline Club, went to Bath University last weekend and came fifth in the boy's under-15s category at the national C meeting.

This qualified the St Peters School pupil for a place in the national finals at the LG Arena in Birmingham later this year.

"I am tremendously proud of Thomas and his achievements over the past couple of years," said Paul Verdicchio. "What Thomas has achieved in less than 24 months takes the average trampolinist several years to accomplish.

"As you move up through the grades the moves within the routines performed become more complex but also the standard of performance required to move up becomes more stringent.

"It is not just a case of being able to complete the moves but more importantly how well they are executed so as you can appreciate there is a fine balance between ability and precision which Thomas has demonstrated within his regional and now national competitions."