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Angling with Stan & Fiz

Angling with

Stan & Fiz


THE grand final of this year’s Saturday series takes place this week with the top 15 anglers over the series having earned their chance to fish.

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The series was decided last week with Brian Gibson finishing just ahead of Stan Binge, with Matt Roberts third. With the lack of rain in the spring and recent changeable weather the venue is very unpredictable and any peg or angler could win.

RESULT (Last Saturday): 1. Ian Benton Fox Match Stanjay 14lb 13oz; 2. John Younger Cromwell Lake 12lb 15oz; 3. Brian Gibson Fox Match Stanjay 12lb 12oz.

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KEITH Ellington won Wednesday’s evening match with 21lb 3oz while Geordie Best was in second place and Jason Roslyn third.

RESULT: 1. Keith Ellington Cromwell Lake 21lb 3oz; 2. Geordie Best 35lb; 3. Jason Roslyn 25lb.


PAUL Ashcroft caught a good mixed net of fish to win Thursday’s evening match with Chris Geeson’s bream caught in the final minutes giving him second place ahead of Stan Binge.

RESULT: 1. Paul Ashcroft 11lb 11oz; 2. Chris Geeson 8lb 11oz; 3. Stan Binge 5lb 2oz.

Sunday’s match was won by Stan Binge with two tench in his 14lb 8oz catch from the high bank.

Amazingly, second place went to Fiz Drake – fishing for the first time for months – with perch and a tench. Tony McGregor was third.

RESULT: 1. Stan Binge 14lb 8oz; 2. Fiz Drake 8lb 1oz; 3. Tony McGregor 5lb 12oz.


LAST week’s Thursday tankard evening match fished at Staffurths Bridge was won by Ray Steels with 6lb 6oz including a bream.

RESULT: 1. Ray Steels 6lb 6oz; 2. Keith Rayment 4lb 6oz; 3. Ivan Steels 1lb 6.5 oz.

Sunday’s running line only match was won by Keith Rayment with 6lb 6oz.

RESULT: 1. Keith Rayment 6lb 6oz; 2. Andrew Kilby 2lb 9.5 oz; 3. Frank Bevilaqua 2lb 3.5oz.


JON Hazelden won individually with 12lb 15oz and helped his partner Kevin Gaunt win the pairs match at Copalder on Sunday.

RESULT: 1. Jon Hazelden 12lb 15oz; 2. Tony Ingram 6lb 4oz; 3. Terry Fairbrother 4lb 6oz.


LAST week’s OAP open match was won by Roger Abbott with 63lb 2oz, with A Edgley second and John Pratt third.

RESULT: 1. Roger Abbott 63lb 2oz; 2. A Edgley 58lb 4oz; 3. John Pratt 51lb 10oz.


THERE were low numbers on Jay Lake on Sunday, but Stanjay’s Kevin Medlock caught an excellent 116lb 8oz from peg 42. Matt Roberts was second with 35lb.

Cross Drove

RESULT (July 29): 1. John Chalk Cross Drove 72lb 8oz; 2. Alan Tuck V. D. E. 64lb 1oz; 3. Tim Nash Browning Hotrods 61lb 4oz.

RESULT (July 2): 1. Jim Barrowman Fox Lewis’s Anglers World 94lb 6oz; 2. Neil Parkinson Dynamite Middy 63lb 8oz; 3. Alan Tuck V. D. E 51lb 4oz.


Qualifier Snake Lake – Saturday RESULT: 1. Carl Gifford Suffolks Finest 145lb 10oz; 2. Mark Cross Ely 131lb 6oz; 3. Matt Ayers Dents 118lb 8oz.



Cromwell Lake – Wednesday Evening Series – Match 8 – Draw 5.30pm – Fish 6pm-9pm.

Rookery Farm – OAP Open Match – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10am-4pm.

Cross Drove – Qualifier – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10am–4pm.


St Ives AS – Coote Cup Round 4 – A Section – Draw 5.30pm – Fish 6.15pm-dusk. Meet Hemingford End.

Ramsey AS – Thursday Tankard – Match 4 – Factory Bank – Draw 6.30pm – Fish 7pm-9pm.

Grahams Pond – Open Match – Draw 8.30am – Fish 9.30am-3.30pm – Phone 01480 351034 or 07879 000544.

Lawn Farm – Evening Open – Honeysuckle Lake – Draw 5.15pm – Fish 6pm–9pm.


Cromwell Lake – Saturday Series – Grand Final– Draw 12 noon – Fish 1:30pm-7pm

St Neots AS – Pocket Park – Draw 9 am – Fish 10am-3pm.

Cross Drove – Cross Drove – Qualifier – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10am-4pm.


King of the Fens – Round 2 – Tydd Gote – Draw 8am – Tydd Gote Arms.

Rookery Farm – Open match – Magpie Lake – Details Roy Whincup 07817 69459 or Kevin Medlock 07920 181014.

St Ives AS – Club Match – Meadow Lane – Draw 7am – Fish 8am-1pm.

Ramsey AS – Staffurths Bridge – Draw 7.30am – Fish 8.30am-1.30pm.

Cross Drove – Qualifier – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10am-4pm.


Lawn Farm – Golden Rod – Honeysuckle Lake – Draw 9am – Fish 10am–3 pm - 01954 718269.


Cromwell Lake – Wednesday Evening Series – Match 9 – Draw 5:30pm – Fish 6pm-9pm.

Rookery Farm – OAP Open Match – Draw 8:45am – Fish 10am-4pm


St Ives AS – Coote Cup Round 5 – A Section – Draw 5 .30pm – Fish 6.15pm – dusk.

Ramsey AS – Thursday Tankard – Match 5 – Narrows – Draw 6.30pm – Fish 7pm-9pm.

Grahams Pond – Open Match – Draw 8.30am – Fish 9.30 am-3.30pm – Phone 01480 351034.

Lawn Farm – Evening Open – Honeysuckle Lake – Draw 5.15pm – Fish 6pm–9pm - Details 01954 718269 or 07774943050.

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