Browning Stanjay fish well on the Nene

East Midlands Winter League The second round of this year s league matches was fished on the Nene at Oundle. The previous week s deluge which caused minor flooding had also left the river with a fast flow and well coloured. The Browning Stanjay team were

East Midlands Winter League

The second round of this year's league matches was fished on the Nene at Oundle. The previous week's deluge which caused minor flooding had also left the river with a fast flow and well coloured.

The Browning Stanjay team were keen to improve on their round one result and team tactics placed seven anglers in the top three of their sections.

Results: 1. Browning Stanjay 34pts, 2. Van Den Eynde 36pts, 3. Mark One White 38pts, 4. Wades M. G. 44pts, 5. Bourne M. G. 51pts

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League Positions: 1. Van Den Eynde 3pts, 2. Sensas Mark One White 5pts, 3. Wades M. G. 9pts, 4 = Browning Stanjay & Mark One Black 10pts

Results (Individual): 1. Barry Wiggington Van Den Eynde 116lb 13oz, 2. Dave Norville Wades M. G. 25lb 15oz, 3. Dan Hardy Bourne M. G.15lb 3oz, 4. Dave Thornton Wades M. G.14lb 3 1/2 oz, 5. Lee Kendall Wades M. G.14lb 3oz, 6. Ricky Young Browning Stanjay. 11lb 15oz

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Godmanchester A. S.

Anglers were unable to fish the main river because of the poor condition which resulted in Saturday's King of the Rec match being fished on the Lock Cut. Eventual winner was Jon Hazelden who caught only bleak in his 9lb 12oz haul.

Team mates Stan Binge and Trevor Oakman finished second and third with mainly Bleak in their nets

Result: 1. Jon Hazelden Browning Stanjay 9lb 12oz, 2. Stan Binge Browning Stanjay 7lb 14oz, 3. Trevor Oakman Browning Stanjay 7lb 10oz, 4. Mark Dickerson Stanjay M. G. 4lb 2oz

Cromwell Lake

Steve and Ricky Ashwell again took the top two places this week, Ricky winning comfortably with 21lb 8oz. Terry Allgood was third.

Result: 1. Ricky Ashwell 21lb 8oz, 2. Steve Ashwell 14lb 11oz, 3. Terry Allgood 9lb 11oz

Brampton A. S.

The seventh round of Brampton's championship series was fished on Willow Lake at Decoy on Sunday with fishing conditions difficult for the majority of anglers.

The match was won by Colin Oliver who caught 49lb of carp on maggot from peg 16. Paul Anderson and Nick Marriott were the only other anglers to weigh in excess of 30lb.

Result: 1. Colin Oliver 49lb, 2. Paul Anderson 33lb 2oz, 3. Nick Marriott 31lb 12oz

Championship Standings: 1. Kevin Peacock 55pts, 2. Nick Marriott 54pts, 3. Colin Oliver 53pts, 4. Paul Irons 43pts

St Ives A. S.

Last minute catches by match secretary Chris Geeson who caught bream of 5lb 8oz and 4lb 8oz won the match.

Result: 1. Chris Geeson 13lb 11oz, 2. Paul Ashcroft 13lb 7oz, 3. Mick Andrews 9lb 11oz

Ramsey A. S.

Sunday's Tony Bass Memorial match was won by George Coles included two tench in his 14lb winning weight.

Result: 1. George Coles 14lb, 2. Andrew Kilby 12lb 14oz, 3. Paul Kilby 8lb 9oz

Lawn Farm

The result of the open match fished on Honeysuckle Lake on Sunday 14th October were...

1. Steve Gleeson 28lb 4oz, 2. Roger Dickerson 17lb 6oz, 3. John Logan 9lb

Roger went one better in Tuesday's Golden Rod match with a win with 53lb 9oz. In an excellent second place was Audrey Abbott and Mac McFiggins was third.

Result: 1. Roger Dickerson Cambridge 53lb 9oz, 2. Audrey Abbott Hartford 51lb 5oz, 3. Mac McFiggins Riseley Beds 17lb 1oz

Cross Drove Fishery

Two local anglers were in the top three in last Wednesday's match at Cross Drove. Tony Watling was third with Mark Pollard second and Paul Goldstraw the winner.

Result: 1. Paul Goldstraw Stanjay M. G. 45lb 6oz, 2. Mark Pollard Fox Match 44lb 2oz, 3. Tony Watling 42lb

Grahams Pond

After several cold nights catching was difficult in Saturday's open match. Only in-form Terry Kelly caught well weighing in three carp in his 11lb 4oz. Only two ounces separated the next three anglers.

Result: 1. Terry Kelly 11lb 4oz, 2. Graham Marsh 1lb 7oz, 3. Kevin James 1lb 6oz, 4. Mark Dawkes 1lb 5oz

Rookery Farm Pidley

The Millview match was fished Sunday 21st October

Result: 1. Martin Kirk 43lb 8oz, 2. Will Hadley 40lb 10oz, 3. Colin Varney 32lb 2oz, 4. Pete Rayner 30lb 8oz, 5. Graham Dean 30lb

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