ST Neots fighter Tommy Martin is about to fulfil his father’s proud boast that his son would one day reach the big time.

Dad Andrew did some work at the head offices of Frank Maloney’s boxing empire about five years ago – and he told the world-famous promoter his son was a young boxer.

“One day, Frank,” he said. “My boy will be boxing in one of your shows.”

Well, he wasn’t wrong – and on Friday, March 15, dad will be looking out for Frank when his son fights at York Hall in Bethnal Green – and is hoping to shake the man’s hand and say: “Remember me!”

Martin is yet to find out who his opponent will be on the show’s undercard, his third fight since turning professional. But after two wins, the 18-year-old knows that to progress he must be prepared for anyone the game throws his way. It’s a tough sport – but then Tommy is a tough lad.

“It’s a TV show so they will want a better fight for the public,” he said. “But I am looking forward to it because I love to fight.

“Things are moving quickly and I will have to take a break after this one – I am still learning and we don’t want to rush things. But this was an opportunity too big to turn down. It’s another big step in my development.”

To say he is a confident lad would be an understatement. Martin oozes personality and that’s what the promoters like in a young boxer. That, coupled with talent, is a saleable asset.

But Martin is humble, too – and always keen to thank everyone who is helping him along the way, from the trainers he is working with at the TKO gym in London to the Huntingdonshire sponsors who are easing his path to possible stardom.

“I really want to thank Alec Wilkey for sticking by me in training and my manager Johnny Eames,” he said.

“I’ve got a brilliant team around me at the moment and we are all buzzing in the gym. Every time I am sparring, the gym just goes quiet, and we can’t wait for the 15th.

“I will put on a good show for my sponsors – Paul Allgood of Allgood Services Ltd, SDE and Premier Plus.”

And in a nod to his growing Team Gun fan base, Andrew said: “They say boxing is the loneliest game in the world, but it feels like there are 1,000 of us when I get into the ring.”

Martin will find out today (Wednesday) who he will fight on the night – and he is keen for anyone who wants tickets for the show to call 07581 112500.