BOWLS: County finalists are known after a busy weekend of semi-final action

Ed Elmore is through to the Under 25 Singles final for men. Picture: DUNCAN LAMONT

Ed Elmore is through to the Under 25 Singles final for men. Picture: DUNCAN LAMONT - Credit: Archant

The battle to be a county bowls champion intensified last weekend.

A host of leading players did battle in the semi-finals of the Huntingdonshire County Finals.

The ladies’ events took place at Hemingfords BC last Saturday while the men did battle the following day at Needingworth BC, when mixed competitions were also held.

The finals take place this Sunday at Huntingdon BC, with a total of 24 titles up for grabs and all winners going on to represent the local county on the English Bowling Federation stage next month.

Huntingdonshire County semi-finals

Men’s results

Two-wood Singles: Kevin Bowers (Sawtry) bt Richard Coles (Ramsey) 21-7, Robert Jepson (St Ives) bt Owen Darlington (St Ives) 21-4.

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Four-wood Singles: Robert Jepson (St Ives) bt Iain Hamilton (Sawtry) 21-18, Toby Furzeland (Sawtry) bt Trevor Dighton (St Ives) 21-9.

Senior Singles: Willie Day (Hemingfords) bt Tony Aston (Hemingfords) 21-14, Ray Woodward (Hemingfords) bt David Potts (Ramsey) 21-13.

Secretary Singles: Kevin Bowers (Sawtry) bt David Richardson (Papworth) 21-13, Simon Leader (Warboys) bt Ken Martin (Hemingford) 22-13.

Champion of Champion Singles: Richard Fisher (Papworth) bt Trevor Dighton (St Ives) 21-14, Scott Wilson (Hemingfords) bt Ed Elmore (Warboys) 21-14.

Under 25 Singles: Kane Phillips (Papworth) bt Mack May (Buckden) 21-5, Ed Elmore (Warboys) bt Matt Nickerson (Sawtry) 21-13.

Pairs: Eric Baker/Kevin Ward (Papworth) bt Owen Darlington/Robert Jepson (St Ives) 21-7, Tom Swannell/Lewis Baker (Warboys) bt Ray Woodward/Tony Whitehill (Hemingfords) 28-11.

Senior Pairs: Bunny Johnson/Eddie Poulter (Papworth) bt S. Hastings/Tony Aston (Hemingfords) 21-13, Tony Dymond/G. Phillips (St Ives) bt Merv Rossin/J. Cox (Hemingford) 24-7.

Two-bowl Rinks: Nicky Brett/Simon Leader/Lewis Baker (Warboys) bt Willie Day/Richard Wilson/Owen Kennedy (Hemingfords) 17-10, Bunny Johnson/Matt Cooksey/David Levett beat Tricky Fisher/Colin Bates/S. Raine 21-18.

Three-bowl Rinks: Nick Brett/Lindsay Swannell/Rob Elmore (Warboys) bt Kevin Bowers/Iain Hamilton/Brian Garrett (Sawtry) 29-9, Lewis Baker/Tom Swannell/Simon Leader (Warboys) bt Peter Reason/John Mitchley/Andy Towsend (Hemingfords) 22-7.

Ladies results

Two-wood Singles: Sandra Gentle (St Neots) bt Janet Chapman (Hemingfords) 21-19, Rebecca Moorbey (Warboys) bt Jane Baldwin (St Ives) 22-16.

Four-wood Singles: Sophie Purell (Needingworth) bt Rebecca Moorbey (Warboys) 21-20, Alison Wilson (Hemingfords) bt Juliet May (Buckden) 21-18.

Senior Singles: Patsy Coles (Ramsey) bt Fran Williams (Hemingfords) 21-6, Pat Brace (Hemingfords) bt Celia Steward (Somersham) 21-14.

Secretary Singles: Cynthia Spooner (Chatteris) bt Linda Levi (Ramsey) 21-7, Lynda Childs (Hemingfords) bt Nicky Mason (Sawtry) 21-16.

Champion of Champion Singles: Chloe Brett (Warboys) bt Carole Hickey (Houghton & Wyton) 21-13, Tina Webb (Huntingdon) bt Juliet May (Buckden) 21-17.

Under 25 Singles: Rebecca Moorbey (Warboys) bt Chloe Brett (Warboys) 21-8, Lisa Haynes (Hemingfords) bt Amy Avory (Warboys) 21-19.

Pairs: Chloe Brett/Rebecca Moorbey (Warboys) bt Tina Webb/B. Baker (Huntingdon) 23-6, Karen Leader/Maddie Leader (Sawtry) bt Daphne Meats/Pat Purssord (Buckden) 21-8.

Senior Pairs: June Blackall/Nicky Verlander (Huntingdon) bt Jane Baldwin/Diana Barlow (St Ives) 18-12, Janet Chapman/Barbara Clutterbuck (Hemingfords) bt Cynthia Spooner/M. Jackman (Chatteris) 21-8.

Two-bowl Rinks: Chloe Brett/Rebecca Moorbey/Amy Avory (Warboys) bt Patsy Coles/Linda Levi/Andrea Rose (Ramsey) 22-19, Nicky Verlander/Tina Webb/June Blackall (Huntingdon) bt Karen Brugnoli/Christine Horal/Joan Rogers (Huntingdon) 21-16.

Three-bowl Rinks: Nicky Verlander/Tina Webb/June Blackall (Huntingdon) bt Chloe Brett/Rebecca Moorbey/Amy Avory (Warboys) 17-8, Lisa King/Nicky Hastings/Jane Ferguson bt S. Parnell/Sylvia Linnell/Pat Howard (Brampton) 19-12.

Mixed results

Pairs: Chloe Brett/Nicky Brett (Warboys) bt Alan Blackley/Sophie Purell (Needingworth) 22-7, Kevin Bowers/Karen Leader (Sawtry) bt M. Francis/J. Francis (Ramsey) 22-5.

Senior Pairs: David Peak (Hemingfords)/Nicky Verlander (Huntingdon) bt Pat Brace/David Brace (Hemingfords) 19-15, Tony Chapman/Sandra Day (Hemingfords) bt Roger White/Janice White (Fenstanton) 17-15.

Mixed Rinks: C. Henson/S. Armstrong/R. Armstrong (Somersham) bt Trevor Dighton/Jane Baldwin/John Woodley (St Ives) 20-19, Nick Brett/Chloe Brett/Lewis Baker (Warboys) bt Rob Elmore/Rebecca Moorbey/Tom Swannell (Warboys) 18-9.