BLOGS: Training for a 10k with a walk around Silverstone!

THIS summer will see the first running of the Riverside Runners 10k charity race in St Neots.

Not only will the event mark the 25th anniversary of the Riverside Runners, but it was also raise money for The Hunts Post’s New Life Appeal, which raises money for the special care baby unit at Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Huntingdon.

The race, which takes place on Sunday, August 19, is open to everyone – no matter what your ability.

Here, in the first of our series of blogs, we will follow the progress of three women and now one man – all workers at Mick George, one of the sponsors of the event, as they prepare for the 10k.

INFORMATION: To enter the event, which is also sponsored by Circle Health and TriSportPlus, go online and search for events on August 19.

Meet the Mick George four.

There’s Victoria George, who is 24-years-old and is a sales account manager. Then there’s Julie Heading, a contracts administrator, who is 23, and Jolene Vinn – aged 29 (but 30 in a few weeks!) – who is a PA to Mick George himself, the company managing director. Joining them (maybe reluctantly) is Peter Kennelly, sales manager, age 34, who describes himself as the most unfit male at Mick George Ltd.

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All four will be running the 10k in August and all three are sharing their pain, frustration and joy with Hunts Post readers as the event draws nearer.

Jolene’s Blog:

I had something on every night last week so sadly no gym for me. By Saturday morning I was desperate to exercise but had to leave my house before 9am to go to a family party in Southend. With the gym not opening until 8am, I knew I just could not fit it in. Undeterred I got up extra early instead and went for a 4km run in the early hours. I took a new route as my usual route would have been very wet and muddy. The route was next to the road but luckily as it was early there were not too many cars passing by, so I avoided being drenched by the puddles.

I did find an incline half way into my run which was a bit of a surprise. I’ve never noticed that before when I’ve driven along that route!

This week is not quite so busy which is a good job as I really need to get training for the 10K!!

Julie’s Blog:

I’ve struggled a little with training this week due to a sore knee following Race for Life last Sunday. However, I’m receiving a lot of help and inspiration at home and I did manage one good run accompanied by my boyfriend and the dog who also came along for support! Having company gave me the courage to try out a new route and see where it took us.

It turned out to be a more challenging route, however, involving a lot of gradient variations, most of them up hill! Even the dog struggled and I ended up practically carrying her home!

Once home I measured the new route and found it was just short of 9k which I have to admit was less than I thought when running. It seemed like we’d run at least a marathon! There are always options for me to add a little extra onto the end of the route to make and indeed surpass that 10 km mark if I’m feeling extra enthusiastic one day!

Victoria’s Blog:

Training is going well. My private trainer session at the gym this week consisted of boxing and sprints – I don’t fatigue as easily which is good and I also ran 6km at a comfortable pace at the weekend. I’m definitely starting to feel fitter. Only four weeks to go. I know I can do this!

Pete’s Blog:

Training this week consisted of getting the treadmill I’ve borrowed ready for next week. I’ve dusted it down and am mentally preparing myself for real training to commence. So not only am I now on the right wavelength, I also managed to get involved in the weekly grocery shop which involved a mammoth walk around the supermarket, not once but twice, until I had all the items on the list, by which time I was flexing and stretching my muscles to push the trolley!