BLOGS: Setting target times ... and a target first run.

THIS summer will see the first running of the Riverside Runners 10k charity race in St Neots.

Not only will the event mark the 25th anniversary of the Riverside Runners, but it was also raise money for The Hunts Post’s New Life Appeal, which raises money for the special care baby unit at Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Huntingdon.

The race, which takes place on Sunday, August 19, is open to everyone – no matter what your ability.

Here, in the first of our series of blogs, we will follow the progress of three women and now one man – all workers at Mick George, one of the sponsors of the event, as they prepare for the 10k.

INFORMATION: To enter the event, which is also sponsored by Circle Health and TriSportPlus, go online and search for events on August 19.

Meet the Mick George four.

There’s Victoria George, who is 24-years-old and is a sales account manager. Then there’s Julie Heading, a contracts administrator, who is 23, and Jolene Vinn – aged 29 (but 30 in a few weeks!) – who is a PA to Mick George himself, the company managing director. Joining them (maybe reluctantly) is Peter Kennelly, sales manager, age 34, who describes himself as the most unfit male at Mick George Ltd.

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All four will be running the 10k in August and all three are sharing their pain, frustration and joy with Hunts Post readers as the event draws nearer.

Jolene’s Blog:

I had a great week training with two really good gym sessions on Tuesday and Thursday for an hour and half each time.

Sunday arrived quickly and it was off to Cambridge for the Race For Life. The atmosphere was amazing. The whole place looked like it had been hit with a pink paint bomb, with over 7,000 pink ladies of differing fitness levels taking part. We managed to cross the start line at two minutes exactly and I soon got into a good pace, weaving through the crowds of runners, joggers and walkers. 28mins 22seconds later I had crossed the finish line and was met with a medal and goody bag. I was a bit disappointed with my time as I felt I could have pushed myself harder but this was only my second 5k run (the last being 13 years ago!) so I was a bit nervous and conscious that I had to make it over the finish line. To my surprise I am not aching in the slightest, I must be fitter than I thought! I’m sure I won’t feel like that after I have finished the 10k.

Julie’s Blog:

I took part in Race for Life last Sunday! Managed to complete the 5k race in 33 minutes so hopefully with a bit more training, if I can keep a similar pace for the 10k in August, then I should be close to my target of completing it under an hour.

I have to admit it’s the first race I’ve taken part in and it really gave me the kick I needed to keep training. The atmosphere was electrifying and I really enjoyed it! However, it has also reminded me that completing 10k is not going to be easy so it’s given me the inspiration I needed to put in a lot more training time from now on.

Victoria’s Blog:

I am half way there … Sunday, myself and several ladies from Mick George took part in the race for life in Cambridge. I completed the 5km circuit in 34 minutes – beating my best time by five minutes, I am over the moon! I could not take another step after crossing the finishing line but at least I know I am half way to 10 km!

I also attended my first personal training session this week- and that was another scenario where I could barely take another step after the hour was up! But even though it was extremely intense, it was the best and most balanced work out I have ever had. Next weeks session is already booked!

Pete’s Blog:

I got roped into this event after I was given a sob story that somebody had dropped out and we were short on numbers. Not looking forward to it at all; the mere thought of training is hard enough. However, I am determined to do this. The only thing which will keep me going is the thought of all the stick I will get if I don’t complete the run and being beaten by the girls. Man power not girl power! Training this week consisted of walking the dog around the block, which was building up to a longer walk I may have around the Silverstone circuit at the Formula 1 this weekend.