BLOGS: No news is good news.... we hope

THIS summer will see the first running of the Riverside Runners 10k charity race in St Neots.

Not only will the event mark the 25th anniversary of the Riverside Runners, but it was also raise money for The Hunts Post’s New Life Appeal, which raises money for the special care baby unit at Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Huntingdon.

The race, which takes place on Sunday, August 19, is open to everyone – no matter what your ability.

Here, in the first of our series of blogs, we will follow the progress of three women and now one man – all workers at Mick George, one of the sponsors of the event, as they prepare for the 10k.

INFORMATION: To enter the event, which is also sponsored by Circle Health and TriSportPlus, go online and search for events on August 19.

Meet the Mick George four.

There’s Victoria George, who is 24-years-old and is a sales account manager. Then there’s Julie Heading, a contracts administrator, who is 23, and Jolene Vinn – aged 29 (but 30 in a few weeks!) – who is a PA to Mick George himself, the company managing director. Joining them (maybe reluctantly) is Peter Kennelly, sales manager, age 34, who describes himself as the most unfit male at Mick George Ltd.

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All four will be running the 10k in August and all three are sharing their pain, frustration and joy with Hunts Post readers as the event draws nearer.

Pete’s Blog:

NO news from Peter this week, so we must assume he is either trapped under the treadmill belt having not quite got the hang of it; or giving him the benefit of the doubt, he is following such an intensive training routine that he hasn’t had a moment spare. Indeed, we heard a rumour that he’d been seen purchasing a new pair of magical running shoes…

Jolene’s Blog:

I STARTED the week well with a 7km run on the treadmill along with the rest of my gym routine. I had all good intentions of doing another 7km run during the week and a 10km run outside on Saturday, but this did not happen. No excuses as my evenings were pretty quiet; I just could not find the motivation. What I need is to bottle that feeling I have when I am walking out of the gym after a long hard workout. If only…!

I spent a full day viewing apartments with my sister on Saturday walking the length and breadth of London, unfortunately I did not wear the correct footwear and I am now nursing cuts and blisters on my feet. Very painful! I am hoping they heal quickly so I can do as much training as possible over these last remaining days.

Really starting to get nervous now; the realisation that the run is imminent has just kicked in.

Julie’s Blog:

TIME is flying past and I seem to be standing still. Quite literally! I’ve not managed even five minutes of proper training this week. I really do need to turn back time with the race only just over a week away. Maybe the new running top will do the trick! I’m just hoping that all the effort I have put in over the last few weeks will not have been in vain.

I guess we will just have to wait and see on the day!

Victoria’s Blog:

I’m feeling very positive about the run. My weekly session with the trainer at the gym is proving to be worth its weight in gold. My fitness levels have come along in leaps and bounds, and at this rate I could even manage a few hurdles as well!

However, I’m trying to keep calm and not get ahead of myself during the final countdown - just in case I use up all my energy beforehand and don’t have enough left for the race itself!