BLOGS: Can the coach Olympics inspire Pete to run 10k?

THIS summer will see the first running of the Riverside Runners 10k charity race in St Neots.

Not only will the event mark the 25th anniversary of the Riverside Runners, but it was also raise money for The Hunts Post’s New Life Appeal, which raises money for the special care baby unit at Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Huntingdon.

The race, which takes place on Sunday, August 19, is open to everyone – no matter what your ability.

Here, in the first of our series of blogs, we will follow the progress of three women and now one man – all workers at Mick George, one of the sponsors of the event, as they prepare for the 10k.

INFORMATION: To enter the event, which is also sponsored by Circle Health and TriSportPlus, go online and search for events on August 19.

Meet the Mick George four.

There’s Victoria George, who is 24-years-old and is a sales account manager. Then there’s Julie Heading, a contracts administrator, who is 23, and Jolene Vinn – aged 29 (but 30 in a few weeks!) – who is a PA to Mick George himself, the company managing director. Joining them (maybe reluctantly) is Peter Kennelly, sales manager, age 34, who describes himself as the most unfit male at Mick George Ltd.

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All four will be running the 10k in August and all three are sharing their pain, frustration and joy with Hunts Post readers as the event draws nearer.

Pete’s Blog:

OH dear… it’s been another slow week for training. I’ve been avidly watching the Olympics on television which undoubtedly counts as essential research but still not really found the impetus to be sporty myself. I know I keep putting it off, but I have been pro-active in that I’ve booked leave next week; the intention being that I will morph into an Olympian and train morning, noon and night!

Jolene’s Blog:

MY wish for nice weather has finally come to fruition. I dragged my friend out for a run on Monday, although she is a personal trainer and enjoys every other exercise she hates running. I must admit it felt great knowing that I was finding the run easier than her as she is super fit. She did get her own back by making me do 1200 once we completed the run. 1200 is exactly what it says on the tin... 1200 exercises in 40 minutes working the core muscles.

Boy did I hurt the next day!

My trip to the gym on Saturday was not so successful. I planned to do 6km on the treadmill but struggled to get into a good pace and ended up doing a 3km jog which was really disappointing. To make up for it I added a 2,000 metre row and 10 minutes on the exercise bike onto my routine. I found the whole session difficult, I hope that doesn’t happen on the day as I could end up taking a few hours!

Julie’s Blog:

HAD another good run this week! Don’t seem to be improving on time but I can manage the whole 10km without walking, so with the race being so close that good enough for me!

I also played a bit of badminton on Monday evening for a couple of hours which I have to say felt like a marathon within itself. I’ve never really played before and have to admit that its much harder work than it looks!

I know that the race is close now and I have to say I’m getting rather nervous. I just hope that I don’t come last!

Victoria’s Blog:

I’M still sticking with my personal training sessions but I’m not managing much outside of these. My enthusiasm had waned slightly but since seeing Bradley Wiggins win his gold medal I have renewed drive and determination. Go Team GB!