Bites hard to come by on a freezing day’s sport

East Midlands Winter League THE final match of this year s league took place on Cock Bank on Sunday. The fishing in many of the matches has been disappointing and after a patchy practice match last weekend, everyone hoped for an improvement. It was not to

East Midlands Winter League

THE final match of this year's league took place on Cock Bank on Sunday. The fishing in many of the matches has been disappointing and after a patchy practice match last weekend, everyone hoped for an improvement.

It was not to be, with at least half of the 90-strong field without a single bite for at least half of the match - and many not catching at all on a freezing cold winter's day.

The top two places in the league were already almost certain but after Van Den Eynde could only finish sixth on the day to Sensas Mark One's second, a countback on match positions had to go down to fourth to separate the teams.

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The Stacey Cup, the individual championship which had been led for weeks by Van Den Eynde's Mervin Baxter, saw the long-time leader overtaken by Peterborough's Jon Means and Mark One's Paul Spriggs.

Individual Result: 1 John Spalton Sensas Mark One White 3lb 8oz, 2 Gary Cannon Sensas Mark One White, 3 Jof Hewitt Sensas Mark One Black 3lb 4oz, 4 Roy Woodward Sensas Mark One Black 3lb 2oz, 5 Andy Leathers Browning Hotrods 3lb 1oz.

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Teams on Day: 1 Wades MG 36pts, 2 Sensas Mark One White 37pts, 3 Sensas Mark One Black 51pts, 4 Browning Hotrods 52pts, 5 Stanjay Turbo VDE 57pts.

League Final Positions: 1= Sensas Mark One White/Van Den Eynde 16pts (Mark One finish first on countback to match wins, seconds and thirds), 3 Wades MG 23pts, 4 Map Peterborough 29pts, 5 Browning Stanjay 32pts, 6 Browning Hotrods 33pts.

Godmanchester AS

IAN Benton failed to make it three consecutive next peg defeats for Stan on the Recreation Ground on Saturday, as Stan himself won the match with 4lb 2oz of roach. Ray Myring was second with 3lb 4oz.

RESULT: 1 Stan Binge 4lb 2oz, 2 Ray Myring 3lb 4oz. This Saturday's match is the annual Fur and Feather.

Benwick AC

ON a cold, raw day the weights were disappointing but competition was close in the Benwick Christmas match. Terry Moat was the winner with 4lb 8oz from Terry Tye, Dick Denson and Dave Jarrett.

RESULT: 1 Terry Moat 4lb 8oz, 2 Terry Tye 3lb 13oz, 3 Dick Denson 3lb 6oz, 4 Dave Jarrett 3lb 2oz.

St Ives AS

THE annual Fur and Feather match was fished in the Pike and Eel marina on Sunday. Almost all the fish caught were roach, with Paul Ashcroft weighing in 8lb 9oz to win the match. Chris Geeson finished second, ahead of Colin Leach.

RESULT: 1 Paul Ashcroft 8lb 9oz, 2 Chris Geeson 4lb 10oz, 3 Colin Leach 4lb 3oz.

Ramsey AS

THE intended venue for this match, Ramsey St Mary's, was carrying some ice so Factory Bank was used instead. Andrew Kilby was the winner with seven pounds, just two ounces in front of Ivan Steels from peg two. Chris Bailey was third.

RESULT: 1 Andrew Kilby 7lb, 2 Ivan Steels 6lb 14oz, 3 Chris Bailey 5lb 12.5oz.

Lawn Farm

Results from two open matches:

December 9 - Open Match Honeysuckle Lake.

RESULT: 1 Ken Whitmore 9lb 11oz, 2 John Pratt 6lb 12oz, 3 John Logan 5lb 1oz.

Golden Rod Open - December 11

The weights were good for such a cold day in Tuesday's golden rod open. Malcolm Theakstone from Letchworth was the winner with 57lb 15oz. Chris Young was second and Brian Taylor, from Godmanchester, was third.

RESULT: 1 Malcolm Theakstone Letchworth 57lb 15oz, 2 Chris Young St Neots 30lb 12oz, 3 Brian Taylor Godmanchester 23lb 8oz.

RAF EAWL Fur & Feather

THE first two pegs in the village on the Chapel Farm stretch finished first and second in this Christmas match, fished December 12.

Graham Welton was first with 11lb 4oz, from Dusty Kiddell's 10lb 7.5oz. There were then several close roach weights on this bright sunny but freezing day.

RESULT: 1 Graham Welton 11lb 4oz, 2 Dusty Kiddell 10lb 7.5oz, 3 Al Owen 9lb 7oz, 4 Roy Whincup 8lb 4oz, 5 Spike Milligan 7lb 6oz.

# We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our readers a Happy Christmas and New Year - especially the club match secretaries without whom we would not be able to produce this column.

It has not been the best year for fishing, the weather and river conditions since the rain in June have never been quite right, but hopefully next year will be better.

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